We all know the saying, you are most like the 5 people closest to you. Well if those five people are dramatic, toxic or even just a bit judgmental, this could very well affect your business in a huge way.

It’s time to ditch your friends that aren’t serving the new you that your are growing into.

Our business is us. It represents who we are on a fundamental level and it will change our lives. As entrepreneurs, we are creating our businesses around our values, morals, passions, and to leave a big freaking legacy.

Being an entrepreneur is triggering in so many ways and forces us to grow and change. Many times as our success increases the people around us shift and it may not be in obvious ways like jealousy over your booming biz from your friends.

We can simply become the most interesting person in the room of our friends and become too big for that room.

When we change, we fear that our friends won’t accept the new us.

So we hold back in some way. We don’t even bring up that huge client we just landed or we hold back on that new product or service until we feel that it’s “ready”. These friendships are the sneaky ones that we don’t realize affect our daily lives but these are the MOST DANGEROUS and the crazy thing is it might be all in our own head!

If you are holding back out of fear of judgement from those around you, it’s time to let those people go. You are holding yourself and your business back. You aren’t making the big, bold decisions. You are coasting or even saying no to things that you should say Yes to for fear of being judged.

If you are the most successful/smartest/bravest/etc. Person in the room, you’re in the wrong room and it’s time to establish a new community around you.

One that drives you to be the best, weirdest, most fun version of yourself.


  • Sheryl Guarniero

    Disruptive Success Coach

    Helping Social Entrepreneurs Reclaim the Planet & Lead a conscious, evolved business & life by leveraging their Time/Energy/Mindset. It's my passion to help Social entrepreneurs build a sustainable business, impact the world with their gifts and avoid sending themselves to the hospital from stress in the process.