In a piece published Tuesday in the Financial Times, Simon Kuper writes about meeting Thrive Global Founder and CEO Arianna Huffington and says he’s become an “early convert” to Arianna’s model of adopting healthier sleep habits.

While touring for Thrive, her book released in 2014, Arianna “found that this [sleep] is the one thing people wanted to talk to me about,” she tells Kuper. This experience revealed how sleep was missing from our national conversation about health and wellness.

Kuper interviewed Arianna at the Discovery Leadership Summit in Johannesburg, and the two discussed everything from Arianna’s transition from media to sleep to why being Greek is a business asset, and how huge corporations — like Goldman Sachs and McKinsey — are beginning to prioritize sleep.

Kuper emphasizes that Arianna retains her journalistic instinct: “The moment I finish interviewing her, she starts interviewing me about my sleep habits.”

Four weeks later, Kuper , who “admit[s] to feeling exhausted” during his interview, describes how this conversation has inspired him to adopt healthier sleep routines, such as not reading work-related material or sleeping next to his smartphone.

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