Sleep is always essential to every aspect of our well-being — but in extraordinary times of anxiety and stress, getting the sleep we need is more important than ever. That’s why Audible and Thrive Global have come together to bring you exclusive, original audio sleep experiences — like guided meditations and bedtime stories — to help you recharge during these restless times.

Attention podcast listeners, there’s a new series to add to your rotation: “What I Learned with Arianna Huffington.” Created in partnership with Audible, “What I Learned” is a special four-episode series where Huffington, Thrive Global’s founder and CEO, sits down with four remarkable women: Lisa Kudrow, Melinda Gates, Lindsey Stirling, and Charli XCX. In each episode, the women discuss the experiences that shaped them, how they’ve overcome hardship, and how they prioritize rest in these challenging times. Plus, Huffington infuses each conversation with unique wisdom and science-backed Microsteps, which are small steps you can take every day to build habits that improve your life. 

Check out a preview of each episode below, and head to wherever you get your podcasts to listen now. 

Episode 1: Lisa Kudrow on Sleep, Science, and Spirituality

If you’re struggling to find (and stick to) a nighttime ritual that relaxes your body and mind, Lisa Kudrow has you covered. The actress, comedian, and producer has mastered a routine that calms her down, eases any worries, and — before she even realizes it — sends her into a deep sleep. Throughout the episode, Kudrow also details her relationship with technology, the benefits and disadvantages of compartmentalizing your thoughts, and the best spot to charge your phone at night.

Episode 2: Melinda Gates on Sleep, Meditation, and Human Connection

You probably know Melinda Gates as a philanthropist, businesswoman, and founder — but you may not know she’s an avid meditator. In this episode, Gates shares her favorite ways to meditate, how she and her husband Bill nurture their marriage, and what it means to show up as your whole self in the workplace.

Episode 3: Lindsey Stirling on Getting a Good Night’s Rest

Lindsey Stirling is a woman of many talents: her roles include violinist, dancer, YouTube star, fierce advocate for destigmatizing mental health challenges — and each requires creativity and focus. Because of this, Sterling has realized how important it is to recharge. In this episode, she shares her go-to strategies that help her safeguard her well-being and tune into her resilience when she needs it most. Her tips might be a saving grace for you, too.

Episode 4: Charli XCX on Sleep and Success

Even as she tours the country or works on a Netflix series, Charli XCX makes the effort to get eight hours of shuteye. In this episode, the singer, songwriter, and producer talks about how she stays excited and inspired under immense pressure, embraces vulnerability, and calms a racing mind when trying to get a good night’s sleep.


  • Jessica Hicks

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    Jessica Hicks is a managing editor at Thrive. She graduated from Lehigh University with a degree in journalism, sociology, and anthropology, and is passionate about using storytelling to ignite positive change in the lives of others.