In the pursuit of great dialogue and facilitation I was kindly invited by Arianna Huffington to watch four of her sessions in New York City in October of 2014 . The Founder and CEO of Thrive Global took the dialogues to such wonderful places that everyone in the room was engaged, interested and left wanting more. Three hours went so quickly that I was wondering how this could be a weekly event. Watching Arianna speak to University of Wisconsin – Madison Professor Richard Davidson about sleep and meditation made me realize the importance of balance in the crazy world of media, entertainment and life it self. If someone like Arianna Huffington can find balance in her life, then we should strive for the same as its all possible. The talk took a shift with conversations with the CEOs of some of the biggest corporations in the world. I was witnessing real moguls in the business of products, services, and big ideas take their commentaries around workplace balance.

A great point that was made by the President and CEO of Campbell Soup was that people should have a purpose as a person, a personal mission, but also having a purpose as a company which gives meaning to what you do and who you are in the world. Arianna’s dialogues at the event were dynamic and gave great interest to her newest work with her book Thrive. At one point she led a dialogue with New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. I am not big into politics, but what I witnessed was a dialogue with two intelligent women that were very real in what they were sharing. The dialogue was relatable and left everyone seeing a side of them that was so engaging and human.

What I loved about meeting and interviewing Arianna is that she is such a down to earth woman that takes the time to listen and ask about you and your life and work. My interactions with her and her team were one of the best experiences of my life and capturing her on my lens was a great joy. I remember sitting in the Verizon Red Room waiting for Arianna to arrive. It was a big room with a lot of people. As I started to gaze around, I saw some cast members from Saturday Night Live chatting with someone in one corner, and I could only imagine who else was in the room. As I turned my eyes I focused on the one and only Sugar Ray Leonard with an amazing smile and looking youthful as ever. I was in a bit of dreamland. Then all of a sudden Arianna came up the stairs, she had so much presence and such a wonderful demeanor. I got a chance to say hello and she welcomed me to her event. She gave me the opportunity to interview her after her event and the care her team took to get me the time away from all the fans and people wanting her attention was such a humbling experience.

Watching these world-class interactions, being a person with his journalistic lens in the mix, I was drawn to a statement by Richard Davidson that will never leave me; he said that that “happier people are healthier.” If that’s the case I choose to thrive with happiness.  See the Video interview below.


  • Sharad Khare

    Digital Journalist, Legacy Documentarian, Curator, Curious Soul

    Sharad Kharé 

    Founder of Human Biography

    Digital Storyteller / Legacy Documentarian 

    Sharad Kharé is an award winning storyteller and documentarian that lives in Vancouver, BC.  He is the founder Human Biography, a Vancouver-based content agency that produces original video content for the most incredible humans, brands, and organizations across the globe.

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    The Human Biography team have been chosen by the world’s most accomplished in their respective fields and industries to create video messaging for their targeted audiences.

    Sharad has documented people like the Dalai Lama, Meryl Streep, Arianna Huffington, Chip Wilson, Susan Sarandon, Val Kilmer, Helen Mirren, Jack and Suzy Welch, Peter Diamandis, Maye Musk, Jacqueline Novogratz, and Katy Perry as well as many leaders and CEOs from all over the world.

    Human Biography has created content with such organizations as TED, Microsoft, UN Women, Beedie, RBC, The David Lynch Foundation, Goldcorp, BCIT and many more.

    As a creative director,  his work with their subjects to ensure the content is consistent from the storyboard process to production to final editing.

    Sharad has been known to travel anywhere in the world that the story takes him, always in pursuit of new and exciting legacy projects to create. His signature interview style is to have a one-on-one dialogue that covers the person’s life journey from beginning to present, comfortably bringing out candid and interesting stories through conversation and unscripted interaction. 

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    Sharad holds a Masters degree in communications, where his academic research focused on personal and digital legacy.

    His hallmark work is in human legacy.  Sharad and his team video team documents families and leaders to capture their thoughts, history and candid stories. This content is often kept privately by their clients to be shared with future generations. In addition, Human Biography creates commercial content for everyday businesses and organizations. This may include video content for advertising, social media, or for educational purposes.

    Sharad is the co-founder of “The Indigenous Collective” and has been a prolific collaborator with the Indigenous community, directing and producing video projects that capture First Nations stories and culture. Here is a reference of his work:

    The production team at Human Biography goes to where the stories are. They have captured stories in their home country Canada, Europe, Asia and the UK, not to mention all across North America and beyond.

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    Sharad was awarded the Disruptor Fellowship at the United Nationa Head Quarters in New York in 2019 for his innovative work in media, recognized by distinguished icons and visionaries globally.

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    Sharad is currently on the board of the Laurier Institution, Live Big Society, and BC Cancer, and is currently the President of TIE Vancouver which is a chapter of a global entrepreneur group that mentors and advises some of the most active entrepreneurs in the world.