Aristide Tofani is the manager of Sartoria Tofani, a firm whose sole aim is to transform the lives of numerous individuals around the world. In this article, Aristide shares advice on combating stress and grooming successful habits. 

Dealing with stress

Aristide combats stress simply by refusing to give in to overwhelming feelings caused by work or pressure from friends. He states that stress must be in fact used as a fuel, helping you as an entrepreneur to become fully aware of your goals and allowing you to remain focused.

Believe it or not, stress, if used effectively, can help you to become more productive. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed with stress, you should always remind yourself of the reason you started and the reason why you’re going through stress; this might help set your focus in the right direction.

Avoiding burnout

Being passionate about the process is key as an entrepreneur. For Aristide, he looks at the journey as a game and is constantly on the lookout of the challenges that would arise from it. The process is what keeps him going. His love for his craft allows him to anticipate the pain, the stress and then the gratitude that would tail behind all of his hard work. 

Just like everyone else, it gets overwhelming for him and when it is too much for him to handle, he finds comfort on a couch and reads a nice book.

Successful habits

In Aristide’s opinion, he believes the routines are crucial to anyone who wants to achieve success  – you have to understand your routines to perfection and stick with them with affection and happiness. He says that the people who diligently follow their routines are some of the most successful individuals in their respective fields.

Drawing Inspiration

Aristide’s never-ending passion for his craft motivates him. He is able to constantly increase his hunger for success, staying away from the ‘comfort zone’ in the process. He sees the comfort zone as a dangerous place for entrepreneurs.

Initially, he had his target set on hosting fashion shows in Paris and on achieving that, he moved further and began hosting on major platforms in Zurich, New York, and even Hong Kong. Even at this point where he has gotten enough to stop – Aristide is forever pushing, with plans to spread his family art all around the globe.

Plans for continuous growth and success

Today, Aristide constantly studies and explores all that is needed when he is on his way to achieving something and he plans to continue in that pattern. Growth is something that Aristide wants to make a part of his lifestyle.