Arjun Dhingra is a co-head coach for Team USA in TaeKwon-Do and also a mortgage advisor of 20 years. These two passions, while seemingly disjointed, overlap nicely to give him an edge in the market of mortgage lending. “ It’s a familiar or parallel crossover from my coaching background because I am helping lead my athletes to a ‘promise land’ of sorts and guiding people through the process of ownership is not too different.

So I tap into that same energy to keep motivated and focussed on helping people. I am a big advocate for the consumer and first time buyer, preaching financial literacy around mortgages through guidance and education. Consumer behavior in real estate and lending is not programmed to ask the right questions and seek the correct strategy for themselves, so that is what I push back against and help towards every day.”

Dhingra’s passion for mentorship did not naturally lead him into the mortgage lending industry. He found himself derailed from his plans by doing it, like many of his peers. But in mortgage lending waited a fulfilling career. “I got started by accident, my last year of college. But I have stuck with it and been motivated by being completely focussed on helping as many families as I can. My work creates an immediate but lasting impact on a family’s financial picture, and so there is great consequence to what I do. I have to be sharp and locked into helping serve people’s best interest. Mortgage advice has been my business for 20 years. I conduct most of my business fully online, so that helps me reach more people in more markets – where I am licensed in 14 states.”

Dhingra shows no signs of slowing down and is excited to help families during the upcoming recessions. “Although we live in a crazy time in our market, it’s still a tremendous opportunity for the consumer to ‘break in.’ 2021 will undoubtedly be the year of the First Time Buyer in real estate. So many places for people to get their piece, put down roots, or make an investment that will have a tremendous impact on their future.

Seizing this opportunity means teaming up with the right people.”
Dhingra has positioned himself with experience and passion to be that right person. Check out his website here to get valuable advice on how to approach home ownership, from first time buyers to those looking to move into a market opportunity.