Aromatherapy goes far behind in time. It was used in many cultures, since the Egyptians and also as a highlight in the Bible, but I was really not aware that it is such a fit in modern life.

I discovered Aromatherapy at a school fair for my kids, was so curious about the oils but in the begining I was only thinking on how could I make my bedroom smell great. I was so naive! Bought a 10-oil kit with the must-haves that I should try. First day, I was all about the Lavander. I think it ranks tops in the oil popularity rank and in oil equity as well, so it was my first obvious try. In the first night we slept so well that I could not stop thinking on all the other 9 oils that I did not know it existed.

Then I discovered that my neighbor was na Aromatherapist and used to write ~60 messages an hour to her, as I was so curious about all that power. In the first weekend, my son had a flu so it was a chance to test if some other oils were as powerfull as Lavander. Was very impressed on how his breath improved with Eucaliptus and Pepermint in this crazy São Paulo / Brazil air pollution. The room was fresher and I could definitelly see the results.

Then it was the Ylang Ylang diluted in massage oil as a good night sort of sexy massage with the husband. Then Patchouli…and then I could not stop anymore. I became an Aromatherapist and now have my own atelier, which I set up appointments on Saturdays when I am off from my super busy schedule as a Marketing Director in a large multinational.

But what I really wanted to share with you was how this passion of mine ended up boosting my work performance – even though it was not in the primary Aromatherapy objectives list! I listed below a few oils that really help me on some difficult times or challenges. Generally it is ok to put in the difusor with water to inhale or dilute in some vegetable oil and apply on your body. Maybe in the palm of the hands and inhale deeply to get that extra boost.

Rosemary: It is amazing for healthy hair and accelerating your methabolism, but ranks top in this list due to its concentration benefits. Rosemary increases your focus and makes your energy balanced, without accelerating too much. It is just perfect to make your attention 100% when you need to focus on a project or meeting.

Tangerine: For these days when it is hard to leave your bed, those Monday mornings that you don´t want your weekend to end and don´t feel like going back to the office, this oil is just perfect. It is citric and energetic, a smell of summer, that is impossible not to feel well and motivated after inhaling it.

Benjoin: When you feel unbalanced or really stressed, Benjoin is the must have. Its deep sugared caramelized smell takes you back to your childhood memories and you can feel the instant sweet releaf – without having to eat a whole box of chocolates. It makes you feel confortable and balanced, a kind of cozy soft chill.

Vetiver: This is a hands on oil. Whenever you feel fuelled with thoughts, projects and ideas, but have difficulty in making it happen, Vetiver is the way to go. Its woody smell puts your feet back to Earth to really turn yout dreams into reality.

Jasmin: To work on a group and collaborate with others, smells of flowers really help. Either Jasmin or Neroli are some super expensive oils that are absolutelly worth it! They work directly in your heart chacra and make your more connected with others, it expands your vision to the universe and improves your ability of thinking beyond yourself. Therefore perfect for collaboration 🙂

You can also have some oils dilluted in roller bottles to keep with you throughout the day or use in a necklace difusor. It is up to you how it fits in your routine – I really recommend using these oils to improve our well being in the office, and – why not – our results.