I am the root

That gave birth to this tree,

Having magnificent trunk, branches, shoot

Making the ground look green.

It has beautiful leaves and colourful

Flowers bloomed and danced with the sun,

The bird chirped and atmosphere was peaceful

The scent of the sweet fruits attracted everyone.

So majestic was my vicinity

I was so pleased,

That son bore by me

Was such a beautiful tree.

I desired its fruit which was praised by everyone

As I was down here,

I requested my son to give me one

I wanted to smell that pear.

My son angrily scolded

That I don’t want to dirty it,

What will you do he said

Giving to you is like throwing sweet fruit in a pit.

I was amazed by this

I who gave him rise,

Cannot give me one, a blessing he missed

I will punish him and watch him fall in front of my eyes.

I shook with all my might

The tree fell,

I smiled and my pain become light

To everyone I tell:

“Never be arrogant

Or you will fall like the tree,

Which once looked magnificent

Making the ground look green.”