Art. That one word that seems so futile to develop any further and at the same time so complex to decipher.

Art. That one word that has countless meanings to each one of us, and yet no one around understands it the way we do.

Art. The word that when we imagine it, feels so abstract and yet so close to our hearts and souls.

No matter who we are or what our origins are, the word art has had an impact on us. Be it in the form of traditional paintings, music, shows or even a simple photo, art has hugged us in a way that no one else would know. It triggers an emotion, a feeling of nostalgia, and above all a sense of life.

Whenever we get stuck in the monotony of this busy world or simply the busy traffic, our sense of life gets disrupted. We force our bodies to get accustomed to the tight schedule inflicted upon us, forgetting that our bodies do need moments of respite. A little stretch, taking a simple photo, some calligraphy, painting among others.

Some stoic and emotionless people might argue that it is wasteful, or simply laugh at those who do enjoy some good art advocating that it is pointless in this overly competitive and cruel world. Surely, the world we live in is replete of danger but is it wrong to express one’s bottled up emotions— or at least be human?

Emotions are known to be like roses and thorns. Some are appealing while others hurt. Undeniably, channeling them to some helpful art while keeping it personal and healthy alleviates the pains and misunderstandings of our afflictions. Especially as adults, we are taught to conceal our emotions, not to cry openly, not to express our feelings. Art is an assistance in this case, or even a healer. Art heals. Things as simple as walking barefoot on the grass, hiking, doodling and carving wood sculptures do calm things down.

Despite having bold opposites in art like minimalism and maximalism, art is present in any form, suited to anyone. It is a way to navigate through the turbulence, to simply relax and even heal ourselves. It can stitch back some scars, dry some tears and also bring back the sunlight. Art is a healer and makes the present moment more alive than ever. Art heals. It truly does.

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