“Researchers at Duke University are trying to understand whether Artificial Intelligence can be designed to help human morality and decision making. An ethicist, a neuroscientist and a computer scientist are working together on a new project funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation. Its aim is to see whether morality embedded into computer algorithms can assist physicians and hospital administrators make more informed decisions about who gets a kidney donation. The final decision will always be with the humans. If it works in the hospital setting, project leaders think AI and Morality can be expanded in the future to other arenas to help humans make better decisions.”

By Richard Sergay


  • Richard Sergay is an award-winning veteran network television journalist and senior media executive who spent much of his career at ABC News. He reported on major domestic and international stories for World News, Nightline and Good Morning America and ABC Radio. Richard completed a six-year assignment as Bureau Chief and Correspondent based in South Africa covering the end of White rule and Apartheid, as well as the release of Nelson Mandela from prison and the ensuing peace negotiations. After the South Africa assignment, Richard began a new beat for ABC News – the first for any major network --  focused on the digital revolution unfolding in the U.S.