If you have a collection of cards, you kept around or that was carefully tucked away into a binder to protect them from damage, you might wonder how valuable they are and how you would go about getting them apprised. But let’s start this discussion by analyzing why you should have your cards graded.

Why You Should You Get Your Cards Graded?

Out of all the trading cards of our generation, there is only a handful that became collector’s items that can be resold for a good amount. If you kept your NBA trading cards, Magic the Gathering Cards, or Pokemon Cards in good condition, then there’s a high chance that you can sell those for a good amount.

However, this is not the case for every old Pokemon card out there. Although you can check the condition yourself, you still won’t be able to sell it at a good price unless it’s been verified by an authority.

Just ask yourself, would you take the risk of buying jewelry from someone claiming it to be 24 karats, or would you rather go to an authorized, well-known jewelry shop?

Having your cards graded by respectful card grading companies lets you know what your card’s exact worth is. So, there is no chance of underselling your card. That right there is enough reason to get your cards graded.

So, if you have kept your Pokemon cards in good condition, it’s time to get them out of your cabinet and have them graded!

Now that we know the importance of having our cards graded, it’s important to know of reliable platforms that have this process done seamlessly. The Pokemon card grading industry is at the threshold of a revolution of late. An innovative upcoming mobile app is all set to redefine the way Pokemon cards and collectibles are graded by enabling the facility of “instant” addition and gradation of any Pokemon card. Titled “AGS” (Automated Grading Services), the app is backed by state-of-the-art Machine Learning Technology that powers up the app to assure grading in seconds with 99.99% accuracy.

Another factor that would enable AGS to scale up the card grading scene is its commendable accuracy. The in-built scanner inside the app helps to capture even the microscopic details and the AI software is equipped to grade on a more detailed scale than traditional grading systems. Such detailed and elaborate grading technology allows AGS to assure more than 99 percent accuracy.Did you spend a fortune getting your cards graded while having to wait forever? And when you finally got it, found the grades extremely confusing. RoboGrading is changing that for good. It’s 100% transparent, more accurate than human-grading, and 10-times faster!

The goal of any serious Pokemon card collector is to collect every single card, in every single set. The AGS App makes it easy to see which cards they are missing from each set.

Users are rewarded for completing sets and can compete against each other to see who can “Catch ’Em All”.