Selldretti is an independent artist from Columbus, Ga that is looking to make a statement in the music industry. Since 2016, the undoubtedly talented artist has made a household name for himself in the independent artist scene creating his own label and brand Selldretti Music. While he is currently on the verge of blowing up, his journey did not come easy.


Selldretti’s birth name is Walker Vernal Seldon, born on May 18th, 1994 in Columbus, Ga. When he graduated from high school he decided to enlist in the United States Army and served for approximately three years. While serving, Selldretti had aspirations of playing college football so he applied to the United States Military Academy (USMA) to make his goal come to life. Once he applied, he deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, but his deployment was cut short due to receiving a letter of admission into the United States Military Academy Preparatory School (USMAPS). “I was beyond shocked that I was accepted,” says the prominent hip hop artist. Once he graduated from USMAPS he finally enrolled in the main campus to live out his dream of becoming a college football player again. As time went on, Selldretti realized that playing football really wasn’t one of his main callings after all. “I don’t know why I had a shift, but I just didn’t feel that football was my purpose anymore,” says Selldretti.

The Love For Music

Between his second and third year of college, Selldretti began digging into what it took to become a serious music artist with the help of his big brother Marcus Muscogee, who is also an established independent artist. Selldretti began recording songs from his phone in the basement of his dorm building. This is where he started to realize his purpose. “When I rapped, it just felt like it was home as if I am supposed to be doing this right now,” recalls the independent artist. Marcus began teaching his little brother about the importance of having quality songs and eventually bought him an in-house studio to record quality-sounding music. From this point on, Selldretti started his path to becoming one of the most talented and established independent artists in the industry.

Creation of Selldretti Music

In late 2016, Selldretti sparked the idea of creating his own label that eventually turned into an overall brand. He decided to give it the name “Selldretti Music.” Since creating the label and brand, Selldretti released his hit single “Welcome To Columbus, Ga” which became a local smash and worked its way to the national spotlight over time. “I made that song for my hometown, but it definitely grew into something bigger,” says Selldretti. With that song as the benchmark, Selldretti released 12 singles, one mixtape, two solo albums, one group album with his composed group SMG, and one EP. “My main goal initially was to push out as much music as I can for the fans,” says Selldretti.


Selldretti has found early success throughout his young career. He has amassed over 9,000,000 streams on all platforms combined including SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify.  With his music seeing streaming success, he has also found success as an Army Soldier as he is the first African American male from Columbus, Ga to graduate from USMA. The mayor of Columbus, Ga presented Selldretti with a proclamation to proclaim the day June 22nd as “2LT Walker Vernal Seldon Day.” “I can’t even believe I have a day named after me, it was so huge to receive such an award like that,” recalls the rising artist.


With the music business taking time and energy, Selldretti makes it a priority to keep his faith in God and his family before music. “God is the head of my life, and because of God I have my Wife and daughter standing in my corner supporting my every move,” says Selldretti. Despite what his aspirations are, Selldretti explains that his life would not be worth living without God and family.

The Future

Selldretti stressed that he sees himself being able to use music and his brand to spread positive influence among a huge and loyal fanbase. “Whenever I get those levels of success and notability, I hope that my current and future fans know that if you want to get something accomplished that you have to put in the work to make it happen,” says CEO of Selldretti Music. Selldretti currently has a new single called “Composure” which does not have an official release date yet.

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