In a world of multiple distractions, we tend to think about living rather than actually doing so. From fake social media standards to a society full of insecurities, we summit everything to a mental prejudice process. Nothing fulfills us because nothing meets our expectations. We shouldn’t have any in the first place. Give without expecting anything in return, and it applies to everything. There are not two identical experiences. Observe, focus, and one day you might see. Becoming one with the world and still remain one apart with yourself it’s easier said than done. Loving ourselves means that we accept and respect the way we are, watching how we start becoming what we were always supposed to be. Because time is the only limited currency that we have, it is the most valuable one. Giving your time also entails giving your attention. Listen and you will be heard my mom said. Our generation was swamped with smartphones making us believe that what is out-there is more important than what is out-here. Becoming a shooting star with a fleeting shine, we have lost our focus. It is not a secret that there are ways to solve this for a moment, some people meditate, others go for adrenaline. It has the same result, you become aware. Aware of what is out-here, a marvelous world waiting to be contemplated. Everything is a matter of perspective. Having the same world as everyone else, some of us seem happier than others. If you see someone displeased, don’t try to make them happy, just show them that life is better when you are. Because we lack self-esteem and are full of complexes, we prefer to overcompensate with a wall of smoke. Smoke that one day will finally suffocate us. Thus, instead of thinking let’s start living. Taking things as they are and not as we would like them to be. We need to practice every day like a craftsman until we become artists. Artists of life, taking the best out of every situation and not worrying about what we cannot control, we are all one.