Life is filled with hardships. Life is filled with pain. It has its challenges. It has its hardships. And, of course, “life is unfair.” That’s what they say, anyway! Yet, there are ways of making it fair. For, who is one to understand life’s sorrows and sufferings, than those who have suffered the most? Who can fathom such an understanding than those, who have given love, consistently, only to learn that good people do not escape love’s heartache or suffering? There are ways for dealing with such a complex sorrow. Then again, there are those who convey such an intimate story, through a song.

Art is a form of meditation! Art is love and life, itself! How grand it must truly be! How powerful it is to use the very guise of music, in order to heal oneself! Ah! The purging of pain, through a song!

Rounding out with the traces of Italian waters, we are gifted with a beautiful voice; conveying a valuable lesson on the pleasures of life and love! The name of the song is “Vissi D’Arte!” There is beauty in her very rendering, in what it feels like to be a good person; while suffering from being so. Of course, there will always be this one question! Why must the good people often suffer? Why is this so? Why must loving people be tortured in a world, which does not make goodness a priority? And yet, the beautiful Spirits are often taken away so very soon! Why are they mistreated and abused?

Vissi d’arte, vissi d’amore, I lived for art, I lived for love

Non feci mai male ad anima viva, I never hurt a Soul

Con man furtiva, With stealthy man

Quante miserie conobbi, aiutai, How many miseries I knew, I helped

Sempre con fe sincera, Always with sincere, fe

It hurts when you have always been a person, who gave to others. It hurts when you have been betrayed. You give to help those, who have experienced misery, and yet, you were never helped. For, who came to sustain your misery? Who came to comfort your tears when you dealt with abuse and mistreatment. That’s the irony of helping others, who have battled misfortunes. Sometimes, those whom you have helped, through their miseries do not always pay you back for your favors. It’s unfortunate. However, it’s a reality! It’s one of the ugly (and hidden truths) of being a high-Spirited person. The love you give is not always re-paid with gratitude. Unfortunately, that’s a hard fact. You can give to others, consistently; yet, be left high and dry when it’s your turn to receive favors. As they say, such is life!

Diedi fiori agli altar, I gave flowers to the altar

Nell’ora del dolore, In the hour of pain

Perche, Perche, Signore? Why, why Lord?

Perche me ne rimuneri cosi? Why do you pay me back like that?

There are moments and many times of moving through those pains of questioning. It’s especially true when it comes to the guise of the Most High! It sometimes feels as if the Creator is punishing us. We do wonderful things for others, and then we are punished for it. Why Lord? Why us? And then, there were those times of blessing the altar, with remnants of the Earth’s blessing. Yes. The Church and Earth are one! For is such not the epitome of celebration for the Most High? Surely, it should be! As the lyrics go, even in the hour of pain, one still continues to celebrate! Supposedly, that’s the power of rejoicing! Truly, such is iconic!

Diedi I gioielli della Madonna al manto, I gave the jewels of the Madonna to the mantle

E diedi il canto agli astri, al ciel, And I gave the song to the stars, to Heaven

Che ne ridean piu belli, What more beautiful laughs

Nell’ora del dolor, In the hour of pain

Perche, perche, Signor? Why, why, Lord?

Isn’t that exceptional? Isn’t it something that even in the midst of sorrow and suffering, she makes her presence, known. Who are you referring to? The Virgin Mary, of course! It’s a further testimony and evidence, that she is always there. Quite amazing, don’t you think? So, where is the answer in the healing? Well, it is written in the song. Can’t you see it? “And, I gave the song to the stars, to Heaven!” The answer to evolving through such pain, is to sing one’s pain into Heaven! It is there, where we can release our troubles-our sorrows! Yes. It is there.

Vissi D’arte! Vissi d’amore!

Art is love and love is art! It will always be part of our life’s journey on Earth. Through art, we shall gain healing. It’s a natural medicine, through our seeking of love’s Divine! Life’s Divine! Through a Divine, Love!

Dusolina Giannini