When is a hero leader the most effective?

An article by C.J. Prince in Chief Executive magazine explores what type of leader succeeds as a CEO.  And as most answers to the question “What is the best way?”  This answer is – It depends

The basic description is Hero leaders can save the day and Guide leaders inspire a team to excel.  The best CEO should lead in both ways and understand when to use each approach.  The circumstance and the team talent are indicators for which style to use. “Heros are ideal in times of disruption, but in a general daily sense, I prefer Guides” says one of the many executive leaders that Prince interviewed for this article.

Read this article to find out the characteristics and effectiveness of Hero/Guide leaderships style. 

 https://chiefexecutive.net/type-ceo-need/eused0 lsdpr


  • Leatha Ritchie

    Leadership Development Writer and Coach at LPR Consulting

    Leatha Ritchie serves as principal consultant and owner of LPR Consulting. Leatha is a certified Gallup® Strengths Coach, facilitator of The Change Cycle™, with training in Coaching from ATD, and is certified as an assessor for Predictive Index. She has extensive experience in training and development of current and high potential leaders with an emphasis on training that accompanies coaching or mentoring. Leatha’s particular area of expertise is examining and improving new leader orientation, succession planning, and programs for good leaders to become great. It takes passion, resources, and direction to develop as a leader. Leatha’s articles and blogs bring tools, inspiration, and experience to the learner. Previous to this role Leatha served as VP Operations Leadership Strategy & Development at Bright Horizons, a leader in the early education field. Her roles as Regional Manager, Director of Regional Manager Development, and Division Vice President gave her unique talent in recognizing challenge and growing leaders to confront and managing through while improving the business. Often Leatha was tapped to assess challenging organizational situations then develop systems, resources, and provide training to improve outcome. This role took her throughout the United States, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Guam. Leatha holds a bachelor degree in history with a minor in early childhood education from Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she also received her Master of Business Administration.