This year I was seeing my brother after a gap of 2 years. We fight, we scream, hell we even break each others’ hearts and that’s beside the point right? Love for a sibling is so much more larger than all the petty stuff. It just IS.

However he was here in delhi only for 2 nights and all I got with him was 2 days and 1 night. And to say that we lived it up is an understatement. We maxed out each moment, laughing, sharing banter, him playing cricket with my son, enduring my uncontrolled beer giggles, we shopped, we ate and thankfully we gave fighting a miss. What stayed with me is the way we made the most of it in just about 2 days, we were truly present to each other and made it large. When I go visit Canada, I usually go for a month and we do all these fun things and everything in between, all the while thinking there is a lot of time and that time flies off and sometimes leaves me wondering how it did? And sometimes even unfulfilled with feelings like wish we had more time, wish we had done this and that. You know a bit incomplete kind of.

And I am thinking how amazing would it be if we approach all our days like this? Not like we have loads of time but as if we were in “no time” (not less time). How amazing would that experience be? How much power will the Now have? How much life would be infuse in our days? What all will be possible at all levels of our days and relationships?

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