are just like medical doctors_ they live and breathe for their clients.

Nearly all of us have our readers in mind every moment we plan to write.

It’s an honorable call_ a call to the service of others. A call to create contents that inspires, that teaches a life lesson, that mend a broken heart.

But there’s something we never once consider as we go about this honorable duty:

We fail to recognize that we too needs to feed from the same source we feed others.


need to write for yourself; you need to feed your soul from the content you create.

No one knows you better; you are the only one that can tell yourself the truth as it is.

At best when you resonate with a post, it means the writer was able to stand in your shoes and write. But that’s not close as you would write it yourself.

The life is yours, and you know what and how it really is. You know precisely your strength and weaknesses.

So you are the best physician of your life.

Some of your writings have healed some broken hearts; it can also heal yours;

Some of your posts have lighten up some minds; from the same source you can lighten up your world.


a personal note for yourself and write for you.

Be your own reader.

Write about politics, about finance, about personal development.

Write your lessons you have had, write about love, hates, failure, success, truth,…

Don’t publish it_ it’s for you and you alone.

Get some amazing quotes, some pictures from magazines and keep it in your journal.

Let them instruct you, let them motivate you, let them inspire you.

Above all, open up yourself up in your journal; tell yourself the deepest truth about yourself.

Make yourself bare.

Remember that ancient admonition?

“Man know thyself.”

That’s the way I have found to know myself.

And I hope it helps you too.


make it a deal to henceforth feed the own soul from the products of your heart.

And above all, know thyself, by seeing yourself as you really are.

Don’t publish it; make it personal and treasure it as a top secret.