Recently I was watching a podcast about entrepreneurs to get some inspiration and to refuel myself. I landed on a talk where one of the participants was breathing with the aid of an oxygen tank, while sharing her experiences and giving entrepreneurship advice.
Her unique situation made me realize how passionate she must be about her work. I was and still am very motivated and inspired by her. I wanted to share her advice and strategies with more people. Here is an interview with her:

Hi Ashley! I’m excited to share your story and your work with our readers. Tell me little bit about your background.

I’m Ashley Beels, and I’m a Business Coach and Meraki™ Strategist for the soulful aspiring entrepreneur who feels she has a divine responsibility to share and showcase her unique gifts AND craves more dynamic-freedom in her life and business. By guiding my clients through my business’ understructure that encompasses mindset, creativity, and visibility, they are able to monetize their services and finally blow the damn lid off their business. Meraki is a Greek word that means to leave a piece of your soul, or the essence of you, in something you create. So by teaching my clients how to put their meraki into their services, they get to fully express themselves and make money doing so. What’s better than that?

I have always been multi-passionate and I’ve learned over time to embrace that about myself while infusing it into my coaching business because I believe my job is to share my unique gifts with the world. In fact, I believe that we all have unique gifts that are meant to be shared with the world and that is exactly how I help my clients reach such high levels of success.

What are the things that you believe every entrepreneurs should work on for creating successful business?

My business has an understructure that encompasses mindset, creativity, and visibility. So these are the three things I believe are crucial to really anyone in business. What’s the point of a killer confident mindset in yourself and business, if you have no means of visibility to showcase your unique gifts? What’s the point of your stand-out creative website & logo, if you are within the mindset of “not being good enough”? What’s the point of a spot-on audience if you can’t get your creativity displayed the way your business needs? See how all 3 are needed to feel success in your business? Duh, right?! So, working on all three of these principles helps my clients serve more people, and make money doing so.

As far as HOW you work on this, you show up and take inspired action in each of these categories every single day. I know that does not sound like much, but it really is that simple. It’s making new habits and changes to your life that infused these key principles into YOUR meraki, your authentic nature, and doing it while honoring your intuition. And when it’s not easy to do? You can hire support to do so.

I read your blog on student debt vs business debt. It gave me different perspective on investing for future. Could you please share some of your thoughts to our readers?   

I find it beyond fascinating how we’ve gotten SO comfortable with taking on X amount of debt in student loans, but so uncomfortable with taking on X amount of an investment to hire support in our business. Both are an investment for our future. Both are an investment for our career. Neither guarantees us ANYTHING. Your investment in an education does not guarantee income, let alone a job. Just like your investment in your coach, a mastermind, or retreat does not guarantee increased income for your business. Because neither of these investments are what get you the cash flow. YOU are what makes the shit happen. Not the degree(s). Not the coaching program. It is the inspired action you take away and what you make of it that yields results. And that inspired action in my experience (and my client’s) has been much easier when supported by a professional who get’s the process, and understands what it takes to make shit happen! Personally, the support I have gotten when I made the leap to hire a business coaches resulted in an expansive container that allowed support for the mindset work, increased the amount of people I serve, and ultimately, by business’s profits. And my clients experience similar results: crystal clear clarity in their business, fully expressed creativity, and more visibility that yields increased revenue and freedom for their life.

The security people believe lies within an education, is an illusion. (And this is coming from the girl who invested over $200,000 on her education and got terminated from her lead position in the company without notice just 2 days before a medical leave). So yea, I’ll say it confidently! *Security, is an illusion*.

So, I’d invite anyone reading this to start making decisions from the 6-figure, 7-figure, version of YOU. Would you NOT invest to hire a coach? Would you NOT invest in support? Would you cheap out on your website? Of course not, right?! I like to remember: money is energy, and it DOES grow on trees, and it’s actually all around us.

Ask yourself how passionate and serious you are about making your business support YOU. This is all about shifting energy and doing what it takes to get your desires met. You have got those desires half way! And when you do, you will see the Universe supports you in ways you never imagined.

Why do you think new entrepreneurs should join business coaching programs?

I do not think anyone NEEDS a business coach. I think it’s about WANTING a business coach. It’s about wanting to feel insanely supported and be held accountable. It’s about wanting to do the work. It’s about aspiring and desiring onward. It’s about taking inspired action and tapping into our divine responsibility to share our unique gifts. And for many, this means hiring a coach to guide them through the process. Ultimately, hiring a business coach in my experience, has helped me shift energy quickly, feel supported in ways I had ever imagined, and collapse the timeline on making things happen. These are the same things I offer my clients, and strive to do daily. The results my clients experience by working through my business’ understructure that encompasses mindset, creativity, and visibility, they finally get to blow the damn lid off their business and start monetizing their unique gifts and services. In fact, sometimes after clients hire me, they see big results before we even have our first session! Weird coincidence?! Of course not, because this is a testament to that when you commit, and get support, YOU are supported in return and start to shift energy quickly.

How can people contact you?

 I’d love to connect with the readers. Everyone in my community can attest to how much value I put on connection. So I’d LOVE to personally connect with anyone that took the time to read this AND give them a free gift of How To Create Your Meraki™ Statement so that they can start to monetize their unique gifts and services.

For those of you reading this, you can grab this free gift in my free community, Meraki™ Maven Entrepreneurs (, you can also find me on Instagram @ashleybeels, or check out my website at