Ashton Kutcher can be described with a number of  labels: he’s a venture capitalist, philanthropist, tech guru, an actor and a T.V. personality. But ask Kutcher to describe himself, and he simplifies things: “I’m a dad.” During his 2017 appearance on the Thrive Global Podcast, Kutcher shares with Arianna Huffington that being a father to his children is his number one gig in life — everything else is secondary. And core to Kutcher’s parenting philosophy is making sure his family eats clean.

The notoriously private Kutcher gave fans a glimpse into his home garden on his Instagram on August 2. While Kutcher doesn’t share images of his children, he did post an image of a corn harvest from his backyard in Los Angeles.

On the Thrive Global podcast, Kutcher, a fan of intermittent fasting, told Huffington that his children, daughter Wyatt and son Dimitri, eat 100 percent organic, from fruits and veggies to meat, and most foods Kutcher and wife, Mila Kunis, consume themselves are organic as well. When his garden isn’t as fruitful, Kutcher’s go-to strategy for feeding his kids nutrient-packed meals is buying frozen produce. “It’s almost easier than buying baby food,” Kutcher notes. Plus, the fruits and vegetables you’ll find in the freezer aisle were likely picked at peak ripeness and flash-frozen, Kutcher says, making them fresher than what you might find sitting out in the produce aisle. “When you thaw it you just boil it, steam it, put it in the blender, and away you go,” Kutcher says. 

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