Stephen King, the master of horror wrote in his essay “Why We Crave Horror Movies”, that good horror is like a roller coaster. It’s fun for everyone, makes us scream, strikes fear in our hearts… yet we keep coming back.

The word of a roller coaster at a fair piques our interest, and a “Now Playing” sign over a horror movie at the local theatre has us grabbing the popcorn and front seats.

Ashwath Sezhian, 24 brings alive the magic of horror in his new 4-part story. The British-Indian author writes short stories on his Instagram handle and his recent work has drawn a lot of appreciation.

The mark of a good story is when you cannot get it out of your mind even when it ends. Sezhian’s comment section is full of readers saying, “How will I sleep today?”; and mentioning how they have goosebumps and the sound effects sent a shiver up their spine.

The sheer tension and thrill woven into ten slides is impactful enough to make his readers double-check the lock on the door and huddle under the covers.

The 4-part series revolves around an expecting couple and how their desperation for a little relief from housework leads to deception, deaths and devilish intrusions.

Pregnancy is already a tense time, full of anxieties and apprehensions. And the addition of the supernatural by Sezhian in his story gets the heart beating faster with every word.

Weaving a gripping narrative and developing characters is no new feat for Sezhian. One of his long-time readers said, “I don’t know any other page which can write such stories… the way you create suspense and so much drama in one post is really amazing and I keep on waiting for your next post. I fell in love with each and every story of your posts.”

Apart from Instagram, Sezhian’s writings are also available in print – “An Affliction of Orchards”, and the bestselling “When Varun Met Meera”.

Ashwath is also a doctor in training and currently practising in the UK. He started writing while he was in med school in Chennai and today after a long day at the hospital he finds solace in the art of writing.