Asilomar, a place close to Monterey, California, has been for a very long time my very special place.

The way the place was created is remarkable. It was built as a leadership camp in 1913 by women and for women. Literally, it was designed by a female architect and engineer, Julia Morgan. And, it was originally used by women for leadership training. Well, I hope you all agree there is a lot to learn from women at the beginning of the twentieth century.

I bring my entire family to this place a lot. Nothing grounds me faster and restores balance better than walking around the 107 acres of Asilomar State Beach and beautiful conference grounds. Asilomar is unique for restoring an ecosystem the way it was thousands of years ago. If you ever wondered what the world looked like before we, humans, interfered, this is the place to visit.

To learn more, visit Asilomar Conference Grounds.