Ask For What You Want or Get What You Get [Video]

So, I now have a saying, you will get what you get if you don’t ask for what you want. If you are not speaking what you want, you will get nothing. General questions get generals results. It may seem that I am just making statements but I am not. Speaking what you want into existence is very real. This also comes in the form of asking questions. At the moment you ask for what you want you are speaking it into existence and putting it out into the universe.

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Many times, we do not go for what we want because we are afraid of asking for help or afraid that we will not succeed. This deep seed in fear of the unknown has caused many of us to not move forward in an idea, pursue a goal, or ask for help when needed. It is followed by having a need for approval. The devastation that occurs in our mind with just the thought of someone saying no is an immediate halt to our plans. Our survival mode automatically kicks in.

Even further, we will not ask for exactly what we want, we ask for something general because it seems easier. It seems easier, because we feel like we’re being a burden by being choosy or picky. We will just take what we can get, instead of getting what we want. That is definitely not the life to live. Instead, we have to start asking specifically for what we want! Do not be afraid to ask for exactly what you want. What’s the worst that can happen? They can only say yes, no, or not respond. Now let’s be real if they say no it may hurt your pride a little but you will get over it and guess what, there are many other people that you can ask. They’re not the final say in you accomplishing your goal. You will find another way to manifest your idea.

Get past yourself, you are the only one stopping you. Let’s take the time to figure out what is inside that’s stopping us and causing a fear so great that we won’t step out on faith for ourselves. We won’t just put ourselves out there because there’s something inside of us that won’t let us step out on faith. The guard is standing in front of us and every time we put our foot out to take a step off it pushes us back. It’s trying to protect us from getting hurt or letdown. So, our next task is to get past the fear of rejection.

I was watching Ted Talks and I came across a video that was about rejection therapy. It made so much sense to me that I went and watched each series day by day just because I wanted to see what would happen. The original video talked about how Jia Jiang spent 100 days going around making outrageous requests because he knew that they would say no. The point was getting so many Nos that he became immune to the pain that was caused by being rejected. But, one of those requests that he came by had an unexpected outcome. I have attached the clip below.

This video goes to show that if you ask only the person can determine what they’re going to say. So, what’s the harm in asking? You may just get what you ask for. No matter how outrageous it may seem to you. I have attached the full Ted Talk below. Take some time because using rejection therapy might be what you need to get to that next level. Enjoy.

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