Q: I’ve tried resolutions before to bring more movement and exercise to my days, but I have a hard time sticking with my plans. This year it feels especially challenging since I’m still spending most of my time at home. Any advice for getting creative and making it stick?

A: As we enter a new year, many of us are feeling a desire to improve ourselves and make positive changes. Let’s celebrate that! This is such a powerful moment, and if we approach it in the right way, we can turn it into something that really lasts and has an impact.

Instead of setting sweeping goals, we can help ourselves succeed by starting small — including with movement and exercise. In fact, a recent study in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that a micro approach to movement can have tremendous benefits. And I really do mean micro. According to The New York Times, “a mere four seconds of intense intervals, repeated until they amount to about a minute of total exertion, lead to rapid and meaningful improvements in strength, fitness, and general physical performance.”

Setting aside that kind of time doesn’t require a gym membership, or even leaving your home. Try a Microstep to bring more movement to your day, like taking a minute for a stretch break whenever a call ends early or doing a few squats or jumping jacks when you get up to use the restroom. And know that even a minute makes a difference.


  • Joey Hubbard

    Chief Training Officer

    Thrive Global

    Joey Hubbard is the Chief Training Officer at Thrive Global with over 30 years of coaching and facilitating motivational seminars to assist individuals and professional organizations in improving their lives, their careers and their businesses all over the world. From the general public, to professional athletes/sports teams, and large corporations, Joey is committed to helping people and workforces find direction and live better.