“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you”
 Matthew 7:7 words by Jesus from the Bible.

One of the most potent words which indicate the power of faith to humanity, yet upon in-depth analysis, those words remain the ultimate foundation for the Entire Self-help philosophy that we are obsessed every day.

Look at the words once again!
Keep asking=Ask questions; you will know your purpose, life direction, your life path
Keep knocking=Determination, GRIT, Persistence, Resilience. Never Give up!
Keep seeking=Look ahead, Proactive thinking, Perspective thinking, Long term Goals.

To ask, to seek and to find would not be possible if the secret ingredient was not known. For all the time we had the missing part, but we never put it to good use.

It is nothing other than

Can you tell me who are you among the Three princes in the story?….. Storytime fellas.

Once there was King who had a particular disease which can only be cured with a secret herb that existed in a faraway mountain. (olden days guys).

The king had three princesses who wanted to save their father at any cost. However, there was a small problem. There was a wicked witch who guarded the path to the secret herb.

The witch was called FOCUS!.

Now the first princess came to the witch; she told the prince that she would go behind him.
When she told him to turn left, he must do so, and when she says right, he has to do the same accordingly. At no cost, he must turn back, for if he turns back, he would be changed to Stone. 
The prince just smiled at the silly game and proceded.
He started the journey, and after some time he heard the voice of a beautiful girl, oh my god he turned back and was turned to stone.

The second princes started the journey he heard some gold coins falling behind, and he too turned to stone.

The third princess came now, and he too heard a lovely voice, Kissing sounds! , Sounds of Coins falling on the path but never looked back. He got the herb saved his dad mission accomplished.
End of story…

The voice and noises that we heard during the journey was our mind and heart which remains distracted. We lose focus every day and at every hour. We feel lost completely. Saying yes to everything that comes in your way is the first task to ruin.

Thinking more of accomplishing everything is just a way of avoiding things.
You will not accomplish anything.
You attract what you focus on. Almost everything you drew in your life is nothing, but you have concentrated upon it one way or another.

focus with everything in you
focus with everything in you

Outcome vs the Process:

We have many desires to be a millionaire, to climb the Everest, to be rocking Music star. We focus on the result but to win, is to focus on the process. Long term goals are important but focusing on the Now can only bring the desired effect.

Ordinary People focus on the outcome, but extraordinary people focus on the Process.
Ask, seek and Look for the process but not the outcome.

Understanding the difference between Focus and outcome:

There is a considerable difference between focussing on money and focusing on building a better business. Money is the outcome of best business practices, not the focus.

Love is the outcome of better relationships; Focus should be on building better relationships.
If You Focus on building better skills, growth will be the outcome.
Focus on better working skills; the promotion will be the outcome.
Focus on Giving, and happiness will be the outcome.
Focus on Empathy, and good friendships will be the outcome.
Understand what you want to focus on. Ask again and again, seek again and again till you understand what you want and then go and put your focus on it.

Now for the steps to Develop Focus:

Lift your thumb one inch from the screen

Now, this is the first exercise to improve focus. Try to search on your mobile phone for what you need. Use the search box instead.

Doing this exercise will keep you in good health and your power of focus increases.

Procrastination is good for health

When someone asks you something, wait and think. If it’s not your priority learn to postpone. Love the most critical negative word”NO”, it will improve your focus on essential things.

Base your Focus on Intrinsic Motivators, not the ExtrinsicMotivators

To be in good health is an example of Intrinsic motivator. Showing off your six-pack to attract chicks can be your extrinsic motivators. (I don’t have one, so I had to write this!)
Focus on what you need, not what you want. Build a concrete foundation for your focus. Then it will serve you better.

Focus on your values

Align your focus to your values. You are nothing but your values. We as human beings will do anything to establish our values.
Write down ten things that are very important to you. Next, scratch down five from the list.
 Top five is your real focus. Rest is nothing, It is your wants not what you value.

Restlessness and Focus do not go hand in hand

You may think your restlessness is the outcome of deep focus. It is just an illusion. A great visionary, driving people nuts is not focused on building a better business. He is only focused on the outcome which is money, Fame and Control.
 Almost anybody can be a hero in Social media, and there will always be followers.
No deep connection can be built. If you need to make the best outcome from your focus practice being calm. Your mind will provide better answers.

The unwavering focus is not restless. Always remember if you need to hit your target you need to breathe deeply. If your goal is to win the marathon, your body needs to be loose and relaxed not tight and restless.

Technology is your Slave, not your Master

“Let all the communication system serve you, but don’t let them intrude you.”
– Jim Rohn

Don’t let someone steal your time. There is no casual time or serious time. Its just time nothing else.
The focus is directly proportional to time.
If you learn to focus, time will be your friend.

Empty your Mind in the real sense

Too many things in your mind will stop you from developing your power of focus. The focus is like a mental muscle that has to be trained slowly. Ask often what are your real priorities, the more you ask, the more connections develop within you, and you move towards your goals.


There is nothing that humanity cannot achieve with the power of FOCUS.
Learn to seek, ASK and KNOCK with Focus. Nothing can come in front of the Warrior who wields the Sword of FOCUS.