A question that we don’t get to ask ourselves often or even never for some (I’m assuming). But it is a question that when explored and addressed, can set us on a meaningful path of self-discovery and uncovering the kind of truth about ourselves that can bring more clarity of direction into our lives.

Clarity relative to what we must do more of because those are the things that not only will bring us more joy and fulfillment, but it’ll put us in a place where it becomes obvious that only certain choices and decisions for ourselves are worth making moving forward.

Choices that perfectly align with who we are at our core.

Choices that will help streamline our lives.

Choices that will create more room in our lives for more peace and contentment (not to mean that we won’t be pursuing meaningful goals still).

Choices that can lead us to identify and courageously pursue our one key strength and natural ability, also referred to as our one thing, that will not only bring us the most joy and fulfilment when we exercise it often and regularly, but is our one key attribute that will help us bring the most value to those we’re best suited to serve.

For myself, writing is something that I look forward to doing or when I don’t do enough of it and get back on the horse doing it, I get reminded of how much joy it brings me, how much being in that (writing) space feels like home. In that space, I simply am. When I write, I’m in my element. How about you? What is that one thing that you look forward to doing and would love to do more of? And if you don’t know, ask yourself what COULD be something that you could look forward to doing and would love to do more of? In what space do you feel that you simply are?

Writing is that one thing that comes easily to me and is the best thing that I can offer others that both has a meaningful impact on people’s lives (I feel) while fulfilling me at the same time. It’s the one thing that I feel that I need and want to do more of. Through writing, I get to fulfill my sense of contribution relative to making a difference in someone’s life, I get to deeply connect with the person that I feel I’m meant to be in this world and in this lifetime, and I get to be truly happy.

Writing is the one thing that when I focus on yields the greatest return on investment relative to my time and my ability to succeed. So if you were to thing about your one thing in those terms, what is your key activity that would yield the greatest return on investment relative to your time and would greatly contribute to your ability to succeed in a way that sustainable and ever-growing?

When I had pondered the question “who am I?”, the answer that came to me during my morning time of introspection was that “I’m a writer that writes about life itself”. Being given this answer, I now faced it and was led to sit in this newfound realization. Through this process of contemplation, it became obvious where I should spend more of my energy towards.

It also became clear what were activities and even opportunities that I should not pursue anymore.

On this journey to living our purpose, in other words the journey of doing more of what we’re meant to do, the name of the game so-to-speak is focus.

Focus on that one thing that can easily be overlooked as being the ticket to us having the maximum levels of joy and fulfillment in our lives.

So who am I?

This is a question that I invite you to explore and ponder during an undisturbed time of introspection, even if you believe that you know who you are. When you do, simply see what answers will come back to you. So go ahead book a time for yourself, with yourself, and as yourself the question:

Who am I?

Here to help you live your purpose,