One of the building blocks of a successful and enterprising life is to have a mindset that is always tuned towards growth. Alec De Layno Martin also known as Astyle Alive Is an entrepreneur who has been actively doing business in multiple industries for 11 years and has effectively mastered the workings of a growth mindset.

In this article, he shares some of the habits and attitudes that have helped him to groom his mind over the years.

Give back

It might sound counterintuitive but the first step to mastering a growth mindset is to develop the habit of abundance. From everything you have, you must manifest that it is more than enough for you, and practice giving back to your community. This is something that Alec has personally practiced for years and he has seen massive growth in his life and businesses. He explains further below;

β€œ When you achieve a certain level of success, it becomes your responsibility to support your community. I have a penchant for giving back to communities, or people greatly affected by disasters. Doing this over the years has helped me become a better person. I have also seen results in my businesses.”

The dynamics of giving back can not be fully explored, however, it simply gives you the benefit of helping another person succeed. Giving back does not have to be on a grand scale before it can be considered substantial. If you can not afford a million dollars in a donation to a charity, simply helping friends, family, or even strangers out is enough. Believe that everything you give will come back to you tenfold.

Provide the best value

Another way to prime your mind towards growth is to commit to excellence and put your best foot forward in everything you do. Whether in business, school, or life in general, always look for ways to top everything you have done before. You are only in competition with yourself, and the only person you should be better than is the version of yourself that you were yesterday. For Delayno, he expresses this through his business.

β€œThe biggest threat to my business is myself. If I ever decide to give up and surrender to all the stress that comes with running a startup, that would be the end of everything. Every day, I try to come up with better ways to serve my clients and customers. This always keeps my mind occupied and thinking of ways to be better.”

Growth only comes from progress, whether minimal or large. Strive to do something different every day. Give yourself challenges and expand your coast beyond your comfort zone. You can take up new hobbies, study a different language, or try something you have always wanted to be good at and dedicate yourself to learning it over a period of time. These small activities will train you to be flexible, intuitive, and vastly expand your ability to learn new information and apply it positively.