I have always had dreams of being a writer.  Always strived towards this… then I became a wife, mother and a model employee, was a God fearing person and a good citizen.  Yet  it was not enough for me!    I did not write for the first 10 years of being a mother.  I was miserable and did not understand why.   I  hankered after my writing for a long time and then started writing fiction again.    Shared highs and lows with fellow writers. Got shortlisted for a prize.   Felt guilty for feeling happy!   

Then I started to listen to podcasts on health and wellbeing, on success, on christian teachings and it started to come together.   We are created for a purpose and that is  to achieve our unique destiny.  As long as we align ourselves with this then we are on the right path as soul, body and spirit comes together.     Sadly, it is not so for most us.  For different reasons and circumstances not everyone can achieve their God given innate talent.  

Freedom means different things to different people.  To me it means I can soar and explore what I love.  That I am not tied to any form of writing.  That I could listen to Arianna on a Podcast one day, reach out to her and be writing on this platform the next. It means that as I delve into self and express this, sincerely give of myself to serve others then more doors could open.  Not everyone will agree with this.  And some might imagine it to be simplistic but for me, at last, I get it!


  • Stella Oni

    Writer, Blogger, Speaker

    Stella was born in Clapham, London, brought up in Nigeria and lives in London.   She has a degree in Linguistics and African Languages from the University of Benin and a MSc in Information Systems and Technology from City University, London. Stella is a writer and speaker. She is the founder of the blog African Britishness where she writes on culture, travel, food, health and wellbeing, As an avid foodie, when she is not writing she is cooking up exotic cuisine or decorating cakes.  Stella’s  dream is to travel to different parts of the world to taste and experience food from different cultures. She believes that her experience of growing within two worlds has given her a unique perspective and she is happy to share this. Stella's crime manuscript, Deadly Sacrifice, a police procedural set in London and Nigeria, was shortlisted for the SI Leeds Literary Prize in 2016 and will be published by Jacaranda Books Art Music in 2020. Stella is currently working on the 2nd in the series, writing the first of an exciting brand new series as well as doing some non-fiction writing! Get my 20 best Podcasts and Blogs here