I spoke with Jennifer Yen recently. You may remember her as one of the demon villains, Vypra, from the Power Rangers. Or, if you’re much younger than I am and don’t get that reference, you actually probably know her today as the founder of beauty line Purlisse.

Jennifer points out “I struggled and lost everything after the recession but I was committed and believed in myself.   I prayed and asked for a second chance and made a promise that if I was given one, that I would use my influence  to help and inspire other women.  There is a quote that I love. “At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to help you.”   “

While “Ancient Wisdom and Modern Philosophy” is a good tagline for a company it can also be an overall philosophy for withstanding and even thriving hardship, or at the very least the ups and downs of business. of fame. of life. Pretty much anything we have the misfortune of applying a goal oriented approach to. It is our tendency in the West to swim upstream to the the top of the mountain instead of allowing the momentum of the already existing flow of life to be behind us.

The Goethe quote is a great reminder that we are not separate from the environment we’re in. If you’re not feeling a sense of flow and serendipity in what you consider as “your endeavors,” and you’re overthinking decisions, then perhaps you’re trying to hard and need to relinquish control a bit.