Although March 8 marked the universal celebration for International Women’s Day, Sanam Studios Dancers represent the rich culture of international women through dance year round.
This Atlanta-based professional women’s dance troupe specializes in historically renowned Pakistani folk dances, including, Sindhi, Punjabi, Bollywood, Middle Eastern, Afghani, Persian, Turkish Gypsy and African dances. Their dance family consists of professionally trained performers from diverse backgrounds and cultures from all over the globe, coming together with love for the universal language of dance. The troupe is led by Sanam Azeem; Artistic Director, Choreographer and Mrs. Pakistan International 2013.
Having performed nationally at corporate galas, fundraisers, consulates, weddings, universities, festivals, and cultural events; they also became more widely recognized after an Atlanta festival performance went viral. They’ve been featured on multiple publications, news media channels, including international media as well. They strive to represent the culture and history of each dance style with appropriate costumes for the region as well as graceful movements that make these cultures proud to be represented. The troupe is also currently accepting new dancers and look forward to expanding!


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