The common sight of today’s era is the attraction and it can be towards anything whether an object or a person. This attraction can be proved beneficial as well as fatal for the people, depending on how do people take it?

Young people often have more attraction towards various things such as expensive gadgets, branded clothes, luxury cars and so on, as a result, they yearn for such things, than working hard for it. They often demand all these things from their parents, which sometimes becomes an issue of dispute in their house. Young people often have such an intense desire for achieving these things due to their surrounding and they relate these things with their social status. Furthermore, they develop such kind of propensity for fake appreciation, which is highly erroneous.

It has been found that nowadays school students demand exorbitant things such as mobile, bike and so on, from their parents, rather than paying heed on their studies, and they forget that these things only make the way for them by which they get distracted and spoil their life. This attraction seems so catastrophic that the young people often adopt a bad method for having all these things consequently they come under the bad company thereby they indulge themselves in various kinds of intoxication, which is the ultimate stage of degrading the life.

Here, the question comes that how to control such negative development among young people?

I opine that this negative development can be mitigated with the proper upbringing and values which parents can only impart. If the young people will know their limitations and boundaries as well as if they will be practical enough then nothing can distract and attract them. Therefore, parents should guide their children from the beginning itself to avoid such a scenario.

What should young people know?

Young people should realize the futility of wasting time on things because things never make a person capable and competent, rather knowledge and skills of the people make them conversant to cope with any challenge. Furthermore, young people should know that their parents have sacrificed plethora of things to see them successful correspondingly they should know that their parents can pay their expenses up to their graduation after that many parents want to see their children capable in terms of money so that they could get some relief, which is pertinent.