Think of the last time you read an idea that resonated with you, made you smile or tear up, inspired you, enlightened you or lifted your spirits.

Think of how ephemeral that moment felt before it got swallowed up by the noise of your day.

Imagine if you could easily preserve those thoughts and relive those moments, feeling their echoes long after you first experienced them.

Well, now you can. We made it possible.

How QOTD Started

My brother and I, being avid readers since our childhood, would always come across such ideas.

To capture them, we would usually have to highlight them on the book at hand or write them down somewhere.

More recently, we had started using our smartphones to take pictures of the quotes in question.

We kept losing and forgetting a lot of these scattered gems, which was quite frustrating.

We needed a simpler, more sustainable and more efficient solution.

This led us to creating QOTD, a mobile application for iOS that makes it effortless for you to save quotes you encounter while reading, into your own, seamless and well-organized collection.

What QOTD Offers

  1. By relying on cutting-edge image-recognition technology, QOTD allows you to scan any snippet of text with your iPhone or iPad camera and instantly convert it to digital text.

  2. A simple and intuitive user interface lets you build a collection of your favorite quotes and organize them into separate folders.

  3. QOTD sends you notifications throughout the day, each containing a quote from your compendium.

    This gives you small pockets of calm and contemplation in an otherwise chaotic day allowing you to remain more positive, inspired and productive by regularly conjuring up the magic of those previously experienced moments.

  4. QOTD lets you inspire the world by sharing your favorite ideas using a clean, minimal and carefully designed image format like the one below.

This image was generated with QOTD.

QOTD helped us regain our mental clarity and well-being by making our reading experience that much more enjoyable and rewarding, encouraging us to dedicate more time and focus to a healthy activity and to take a step back from the fast-paced, high-octane world of today.

We can only hope it has a similar effect on you.

Happy Reading!

Find QOTD on the App Store.