Coding is the knowledge of the 21st century. On top of that, it’s amazingly rewarding! Kids love to invent, have astonishing ingenuities, and if you give them a chance to manufacture something awesome with code, they’ll be so enthusiastic to display it to you and their friends.

Code camp is one of the defining – newly sophisticated- institutions of our culture. In order to prop up the principal effort these Code Camps and camp teachers do to promote unlimited advances in code development and computational awareness. Code Camp is growing fast across Australia that’s persistently educating communities about coding.

Code Camp is helping to change the world one child at a time. Code camp makes a difference in the world by caring for the spiritual, conceptual, and poignant happiness of youngsters and childhood. Code Camp is the crusaders of the coding.

The whole Code Camp product is designed to teach children some simple essentials of the topic. The field of programming education is relatively pungent and a great mechanism for kids to invent their own games and then play them on the app store.

I got to go behind the scenes and see the Code Camp in action as a teacher assistant and it’s fascinating watching a seven-year-old write a line of code. There is great value in Code Camp. Its headquarters are based in 80 William St, Woolloomooloo New South Wales.

You can visit their website at for timeslots during the holidays and help your loved one learn a new skill that will last forever. Not to mention the potential of programming jobs in the future is massive.