So, with a virtual show of hands, who has at one point in their life, done one of the following things;

Downplayed an achievement; made yourself seem smaller than you are; turned down a job role because it would upset the applecart at work; allowed things to happen in a relationship because you didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings; said you were busier than you actually were because you didn’t want to appear lazy; lied about your financial situation so that you didn’t look like you were bragging; agreed to a situation even though it made you feel sick inside.

I bet a lot of hands just went up right?

At some point, you learnt that it was better to consider everyone else’s feelings rather than your own. Perhaps your parents instilled this quality in you, (with the best intentions,) or perhaps you heard your best friend judging your achievements at school and so you felt bad for shining so bright, or maybe you learnt to keep your talents on the low so that people a work didn’t get jealous and start giving you a hard time. In many ways, it doesn’t really matter how it started. What matters now is this;

You are not responsible for how other people feel

Read that again.

Aaaaand one more time please.

Bending yourself into a shape that is acceptable to someone else’s expectations is impossible. And exhausting. And unnecessary. And ensures that you will never live your truth. And here’s the stinker – it still won’t make them happy anyway! Once you can accept this fundamental truth, life gets a whole lot easier to manage and show up as you want to, not just how you think you should.

Stand in your truth no matter what

The only person qualified to run your life is you! People may never understand your choices, they may never “get you”, you may be labelled as outlandish and unconventional. But that shouldn’t deter you from writing the story how you want it.

So, that means finally letting go… Enough with the limitations, enough with making others feel more comfortable about their choices, enough with hiding your light, enough with bending yourself into spaces you’re not designed to fit, enough with pretending you’re anything but YOU! It’s ok, you can stop hiding now my loves.

Say it with me now

I choose to live in my truth

It’s ok if others don’t agree with me

I have a right to my own feelings

I don’t have to anticpate the needs of others

I am enough

Now, go be the glorious human Being you were always meant to be.