There are times when I sit down to write thoughts to myself and it turns into the unexpected. I was actually looking at social media for a few moments to pass the time away. I took notice of many things I knew people were sharing who were Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives to the Janitor. I thought to myself, because some of them I knew, why share a picture that really does not paint the life you are living. Because when people meet you, they are going to expect the pictures they see to really be the way you live personally or professionally.

Here it is I am waking up to this beautiful table I set up for myself. After almost six years of working on a project, I felt well its okay to relax and write in a way that’s not just sitting at a desk. I was inspired by the table, book, bible, flowers, fruit and the scenery i was in front of.

We make assumptions when we see pictures posted online. We stage our images to reflect what we want the world to see and think of us. To seem like whatever we are up to will attract the right audience, client or whatever we are looking for. Sometimes in social media, parties will thank X for having them attend an event, when they really paid to go or requested to be invited.

There are times when people will share with their colleagues or friends that this “picture looks great, no one needs to know how you have got there” in that picture or the best one is “its none of their business”. But yes it really is important how one has “gotten there” for themselves and others who work with them or mutually supported by one another.

Like my picture here (which is authentic and how I woke up this morning – trust me this happens once in a blue moon and I will create more blue moons as I write more), no one knows how that person is sitting in that hotel, why, or what they had and their partners have worked hard or what the situation is for them to be there. People will often simply assume this group of people are inherently wealthy as a small company or individual, etc.

Whether an Entrepreneur, seasoned Corporate Executive or the Janitor who works hard to keep floors clean, they have worked hard, and ready to share with others. Often every professional person would like to share their knowledge. Its how you also realize how much you have learned as well. For those who really work hard at what they do, they sometimes experience the following from others on the outside:

1)  Others who keep their ideas close to the chest and will not share knowledge, while expecting others to share their ideas

2)  Want you to hire them to learn all knowledge, connect with all relationships established by you or your company and begin from there without putting their own hard work in

3)  Or say what you have is not tangible, while also utilizing the ideation you share, and adding it to their work repertoire

4)  And finally, the ones who will speak with you and less than five minutes to one hour later, they are communicating with the parties you just shared with them

Note: And if you are to bring any of this to the attention of the parties whom are doing the above, you are accused of being insecure, a low person or not seeing enough abundance for everyone. In fact, its none of this. Its simply that everyone works hard for what they have, their growth and are responsible to their partners or colleagues who work with them. It also affects the livelihood of the individual(s) and the company they work with or own.

At the end of the day, its true there is enough for everyone. The journey for an Entrepreneur is not easy. But know you will find the right partners, colleagues or staff to work with. Its par for the course to have some of the above encounters, and it makes you stronger. You may feel it more, because you are not yet a Fortune 500 company or work within a Corporation. Its up to you, along with your partners to create the kind of company culture you want to thrive in for yourselves and the staff you hire. The key is having and continually developing your foundation. Always expanding mentally and creatively. There will always be competition. And its knowing also when to share your ideation as a small to medium business. To expand, you will have to trust. Hopefully, you will have learned enough in your travels to discern when its the right time to trust others with what you and your group are building.

For those who work with large companies, the importance is being part of the team and working together. There will always be competition. And its important you chose the company and the industry that you truly enjoy working with, because then it will not matter what anyone says or does. You see when you love what you do, you will always THRIVE.

Whether you are an Entrepreneur or work with another company, the important thing is be AUTHENTIC both online and offline. Why? because you will then find the right people to work with who are trustworthy, have integrity and will work with you where you are, and you both will expand. Think about it this way, if you share online whats really going on, others can relate to being HUMAN themselves and will either find ways to move through their career challenges or even reach out to see how can support you with your endeavors.

But remember for everyone, work for what you have. A silver spoon is a gift, not something you are entitled to.

Waking up this morning and setting up this little table the way I liked it, was calming and gave me a peace within. I am always waiting for the next fire to put out as the co-founder with my partners or what new idea to create and move forward in. While I usually take time for meditation, prayer, exercise (not as much as I should lol), there are different environments that will set your soul on fire in a new way. And its good to change it up once in awhile.

So I am grateful for the purple flowers blooming, having my Tibetan Bowl for relaxing sounds, of course the Bible I love to read – thank you God for all you do (and no I am not a religious fanatic, but I truly love God with all my heart), book by my Mentor, fresh fruit and warm tea. And after, its simply home to my family, where love means the most.

So remember, don’t assume how I am here – as I am wherever I am for work, but dream your own dreams into reality. Share each other’s endeavors instead of trying to utilize what they have. When we share what another is up to, we truly learn, support and expand each other. There is no reason to look at what another is doing, other than to be inspired, engage, connect and partner with one another to make this world a better place.