Authenticity is Attractive

Being genuine makes one appealing. The essence of authenticity originates from being straightforward. Acting from a position of genuine conviction is superior to serving from a place of deceit. In a heart to heart conversation with a heart-throb supermodel Anastasia Belotskaya, she explains the essence of being attractive through a whole new lens and inspires modern women to be authentic for its enticing than any superficial thing in this entire planet. 

Anastasia Belotskaya has worked for popular magazine covers like Maxim, FHM, Elle, and did campaigns for Steve Madden, Cover girl, Makeup forever, Morrocan oil. She has even walked for New York fashion week, adding a feather in her cap. Moreover, the Russian beauty is also a successful entrepreneur running her lingerie store, ‘Skaya Lingerie’ – the sub name from Anastasia’s last name – Belotskaya. Being one women’s rights activist, Anastasia aims to promote feminine confidence and independence regardless of size, shape, or complexion. You Go Girl!

Q: What inspired you to become a model?

Anastasia Belotskaya:

Well, as a child, I had always imagined myself becoming an astronaut. However, entering into my teens, I wanted to be a care-free soul; I wanted to become a singer, dancer, and actress. Honestly, I had no idea I would ever be able to make my desires come true. I was approached by a photographer Lev Lefimov and began my modeling career with him. I belong to a very simple family my dad is a truck driver in Moscow and mother is a real estate agent, I never thought that I would one day establish myself as a maven model in this highly competitive industry. What inspired me to become a model was the desire to leave an impression in this world, where people are aware of who I really am.

Q: What would be your advice to aspiring models or girls in general?

Anastasia Belotskaya:

My primary advice is to follow your conviction. It is a feeling of comprehending what is correct. Making the best choice is acting from a position of conviction. This leads to a more noteworthy harmony and congruity inside oneself. This reflects as being delightful. We should take a gander at nature. All of nature is delightful. They look so unusual and amusing consistently. Do they make a decent endeavor to look attractive? No. Nature primarily exhibits being lovely always with no exertion by any stretch of the imagination. They are merely acting naturally, right? A rose is a rose. It exuberates a ruddy aroma each second. The Sun keeps on glistening each second being in the east or west because that’s what it is meant to do, keep shining. They just continuously are by and mostly consistent with their desire. This makes them so motivating and appealing.

Similarly, every last one of us can invest significant energy and find our novel nature. We can grasp what we are generally acceptable at. At that point share it with the world. You can be a wellspring of motivation to many. Take a gander at yourself. What is your opinion about yourself? In the event that you don’t feel better, at that point realize that you can change this feeling of vulnerability. All things considered, any negative musings are only contemplations, and considerations can be changed. Great reflections bolster and feed the psyche. It helps in helping you appear lovely. It’s all in mind! Once you achieve a level of self-love and stick by your authentic self, you become attractive as hell.

Q: What’s your favorite quotation?

Anastasia Belotskaya:

I love this one from Eleanor Roosevelt: “No matter how plain a woman may be, if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.”

Q: What do you consider is the wrong mind-set among people?

Anastasia Belotskaya:

It’s entertaining on the off chance that you ponder over this. The world we live in anticipates that we should think about everything. There is always a feeling of burden. We are to imagine as though we know it all. However, actually we don’t know it all. We think it’s embarrassing to now know-it-all. However, the moment we realize that we do not know, the pursuit to knowledge begins. It’s alright not to know it all. We shouldn’t know it all. We must be genuine with ourselves. We must be eager to learn, unlearn, and relearn. At that point, we would appear delightful and sure about our own skin.