101 years ago on June 4, 1919, 37 Republican Senators were joined by 19 Democrats passing the right for women to vote.  Since then strong leaders like Latyna Humphrey have been changing the way women lead. 

After becoming an author, rising community leader, keynote speaker, she is ready to lead on a global scale.

We asked Latyna what makes her unique and she replied 

In late 2015, I decided that I wanted to shift the dynamic of my life. I knew that at some point I wanted to be a politician. I also knew that I didn’t have the tools or the support to be able to do that. But, what I did know is that all good leaders serve. So, with that—I decided to help the residents of Flint, MI. At that time and quite frankly present day the residents are still dealing with the infamous water crisis. I utilized my tax refund and drove back and forth from Columbus, OH to Flint, MI biweekly for 6 months to help the residents of Flint. I did that because I understood that there was a need for community and I wanted to be a part of that. I said all that to say, service, my dedication to focus and hard work are the main contributors to my accomplishments.”

As a Political and Lifestyle strategist Latyna M. Humphrey is a power player when it comes to empowering women.  Her new book called “Girl, you can do this! I did.” is instantly grabbing the likes of its viewers and empowering them. 

We asked Latyna how important is mindset she replied 

Extremely important! In business you need to move positively and strategically at all times. In my opinion, running a business is like playing chess. The only way to win is with strategy. Otherwise, you will fumble the bag every time. I have learned that you need to remain level headed. There are a lot of moving pieces that I am now responsible for. Therefore, being able to navigate is essential. Because I handle so many things in a day from being a mother to working for an elected official, I am very busy. So, ensuring that my thoughts are clear has been a major key to my successes”.

From giving aid in Flint, MI to writing a book to empower women Latyna M. Humphrey is the real deal.  You can find her on Instagram @latynamhumphreyllc