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1 in 44 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. 

Autism affects all ethnic and socioeconomic groups. However, minority groups are the most affected since they receive diagnoses later and less often.

Early medical assistance ensures the best opportunity to support healthier and better development across the individual’s lifespan.

Goodera has made a detailed list of nonprofits working to help create a better and more inclusive world for individuals on the spectrum.

1. Autism Association aims to help individuals on the spectrum lead quality lives.

The Autism Association is one of the Social Service Agencies of Singapore. It focuses on supporting and helping people that are on the autism spectrum. This organization’s goal is to lend a helping hand in maximizing these individuals’ potential and help them lead better, meaningful lives. Their services encompass education, vocational and life skills training, and residential care.

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2. Anouk Foundation helps improve the well-being of patients through art.

Anouk Foundation helps brighten the walls of different institutions. These include hospitals, homes for the elderly or people with multiple disabilities, children’s homes, psychiatric centers, refugee/migration centers, and detention centers. This organization uses art to prompt and improve healing. To do so, their team of artists paints soul-satisfying murals to improve patients’ overall well-being in various social and medical institutions.  

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3. Best Buddies Russia aims to create an inclusive space for people with intellectual disabilities

Best Friends / Best Buddies’ mission is to create a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for personal friendship, integrated employment, and leadership development for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

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4. Livability envisions a world where people on the spectrum can build better lives for themselves.

Livability is a nonprofit organization committed to providing better lives to people on the spectrum. It wants these individuals to own their lives. It wants them to tackle the current barriers and create a livable life. It enables people with disabilities to thrive. It provides a wide range of care, education, vocation, and rehabilitation services.

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5. Hope For Special Education believes that every autistic person is unique and deserves individual attention.

Hope For Special Education works tirelessly to promote awareness about autistic care. This organization envisions diverse and inclusive school settings built to cater to the needs of differently-abled children. They cater to children with special needs, up to 22, initially started in Ethiopia. 

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We are proud to showcase organizations helping people with autism through educational development, rehabilitation, and recreation activities. Their commitment supports families with resources and community support to help their loved ones thrive. 

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