Coaches play a critical role in supporting leaders during a pandemic, helping secure the emotional infrastructure that invites individuals be more intentional, connected and well-resourced in moments of crisis. For some of my clients, this has looked like helping them break down a weekly schedule, set boundaries for work and home life and figure out how to turn difficult moments into opportunities.

For others, coaching during the pandemic has continued to help them explore something deep and  powerful that was already being revealed in their lives. What the pandemic has done is expedite this revelation, exposing the default mental habits of many and, in some cases, accelerating the growth that might have taken months or years otherwise.

Here are the stories of four real women leaders who have used this pandemic to shift their perspectives, cope with unforeseen circumstances, and turn them into opportunities to become braver and more intentional in their lives. While their names have been changed to protect their anonymity, I hope that their stories will inspire you, as they inspire me daily, to help make meaning and grow yourself during this challenging time.