Fire. . .a symbol of illumination, from the Spiritual essence. Not only is it part of an allure of inner peace and centeredness, but it also hints on the stillness; especially, when we are entering into a more creative brand of ourselves. It is a soothing feeling. Being in tuned with a greater area of ourselves. It takes on a metaphorical presence for those, who are daring to immerse into a more intrinsic avenue of the mind, body, and Spirit. The very presence of fire brings a comforting factor for writers. It is an even more holistic factor when we enter into the season of Fall. For some reason, the Autumn season illuminates peculiar colors, which color those words, we paint on paper.

Just imagine the magic of being able to capture a portion of fire. A tiny replica of it, flickering in a single position of movement. Relying on a white piece of string, and a round shaping of wax, in order to relish in creating a safe space. Fire is situated next to you. A design where fire is presented in such a way, that it has made peace with humanity. This is one of the miraculous aesthetics of the. . .candle.

Writing and designing the beauties of sound onto paper grows a rather intrinsic atmosphere. . .all in the context of, work. Just imagine how your own movements begin to take shape with that subtle movement of fire. How natural and calm one’s patterns come to be, as they align with energies, which sustains the writing process. Intertwining with the rhythm and movements of flickering light. How does that lead the mind into wonderous patterns of the pen as a wonder of vocal design, patterned onto paper? This skill and window of writing is not merely just writing words onto a canvas of white spacing. What it does bring into context is how the wonders of a stilled movement of fire, spreads invisible scents of mystique, into the atmosphere.

As Autumn enters, the vibrancy of writing is going to take a different turn. It is going to move into a realm of harvest and abundance. Not only will it come through the manifestation of crops, it will also develop, where those Earthly scents of browns, oranges, yellows, and reds are reflected through. . . the words. The right words will be guided through candled reminders, sitting adjacent to one’s pen and notebook. Letting personal fire to expand in the world of writing, brings illumination to those hidden fruits, hidden deep within the Earth. And, by using the pen as a shovel, one is able to locate, and highlight, the crops sprouting during harvest time.

One of the profound visuals of harvest time, is that it brings truth to light. How were the seeds planted, and what were the fruits? Candles during autumn time have a way of reflecting, and reminding of that. There is a healing anecdote in having candles surrounding us, when we write. There is a blessing created, a comfort zone, and a weeding out of toxic energy. Even in the most chaotic of spaces. The flowing stillness of candles, allows the writer to become still. Still enough to see the movement, surrounding them. Those candles are more than decorative pieces to bring glow and sparkle, onto a rigid desk or spacing.

Depending on our environment (and spacing), the geometric set-up, concerning how we place candles, channels the energy of that area. It encompasses that spacing. Caressing and filling the shaping of that area. Through candles, we become part of that autumn world. It is as if we, the writers, become the life-saving breeze of autumn. In being part of that whisper, we witness the growth of those crops of fruition. Crops representing what we produce when the ink has finished its coloring on paper.

There is something about writing in the autumn season, when writers intertwine on the same plane as nature. A particular plane of understanding. A picture where there is an alliance, and agreement, among writers and nature. Part of having candles surrounding those spaces is to bring autumn’s breeze into the room. Allowing the breeze to surround the office and desk spaces. Mentally and spiritually, the writer is elevated. It is an ecstasy of feeling the life in writing words. Seeing how words are contributing to creation, and therefore giving praises to divinity. There is a very auspicious allure, regarding the realm of autumn. For once, we are given an early incite into the secrets of harvest. Observing that silent production regarding the rhythm and pattern of autumn’s offspring. In addition, there are key lessons, in how Autumn’s fruition, is linked with Spring’s bloom.

So, now that we have the sensory of Autumn, understood, we can examine how it cleanses the mental euphoria of writers. Writing, while being surrounded with Autumn’s candles, is another healing ritual for writers. Purging out any toxins, it safeguards the writing process. It protects the writer’s creative energy, and in turn, safeguards the words. These healing words, sustains life circulating in the passage. Keeping that life channeled within those written passages. Just as winds during Autums, the words move in a gentle touch. It is a re-storation, indeed. Placing candles in a writer’s space heals that area. In addition, it also maintains healing in writing minds, while returning life-sustaining energy to those, gifted with the pen. It is a wonderous endeavor. Knowing that this sacred element can bring healing, in contrast to its destructive nature, when it has been misappropriated by human greed.

The stilling and unilateral direction of fire is symbolic to the needed energy of a writer. It is also a lesson in how humanity should be at peace with one of Earth’s natural elements. Respecting these elements, so that peace is sustained. Honoring the element of fire, and in turn, being re-warded for connecting with one of its life-stemming forms of creation. And so, it is through this harmony with a candle’s flicker, where the writer serves as a living replica for candles’ direction, in the capturing of. . .sound, as healing verbal abounds.