Many travelers don’t realize the benefits, ease and accessibility of private jet travel. Now more than ever, the luxury travel industry is more user-friendly and not just relegated to celebrities or mega-millionaires. There is no better time to share some of the perks and benefits of private jet travel than during the holidays since for many it has become a dreaded and oft labeled “necessary evil.” The end of the year is stressful enough, with business, school,  family and social obligations. 

Holiday travel means traveling en masse, with family, sometimes extended, and often with friends. Searching for the right flights and seats from a limited selection and with inflated holiday costs are certainly adds stress to the season. First-class cabins often can’t accommodate family groups with adjacent seating, options are limited, and flights often come with restrictions, overbookings, and delays.

Luxury private jet travel is more convenient, more efficient, prices are coming down, and savvy travelers know how to maximize their time for holiday family and business excursions. Especially at this time of year, one needs to recognize the advantages of flying privately, including convenience, comfort, and privacy. 

The comfort and ease of booking flights and traveling on your own schedule, alleviates time and pressure. One also eliminates the hassles associated with airports – security lines, baggage claim, having to arrive at the airport 90 minutes or more before flights, and the waiting… always the endless waiting on lines.  When one charters a flight, they depart within 10 minutes of arriving at the airport, upon arrival, a waiting car whisks you to your destination. And, the bump up in comfort alone is worth it for many – the plane is your domain, only you and your group inhabit the space. Your flight will be the beginning of your quality vacation time together – to play games, eat, sleep, or just relax and enjoy each other’s company. With the time saved, another full day of quality time and fun with loved ones can be added to your trip.

Charter flights can also be booked “last minute,” sometimes with less than 12-hour notice and do not incur added fees or penalties, making a surprise or spontaneous impulse trip very doable. 

I would be remiss to not stress the importance of safety when looking to fly private. It is of tantamount importance to check safety certifications, ratings. Any legitimate company will have: Federal Aviation Part 135 carriers who exercise full operational control of each flight at all times, posted safety ratings and will have been vetted by independent safety auditors such as Aviation Research Group/US [ARG/US], International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations [IS-BAO] and/or Wyvern; make sure brokers or operators work in collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration, planes and pilots must meet FAA standards. One should also inquire about the type of safety screenings that are conducted before each flight. There are many charter brokers in the industry but only the finest can qualify as an ARG/US Certified Charter Broker. 

As the saying goes, time is money, so why not fly where you want, when you want and fully enjoy your holiday travel.


  • Ferren Rajput

    Founder and CEO

    ONEflight International, Inc.

    A childhood dream of becoming a pilot combined with a true proclivity for mathematics and numbers were the foundations for Ferren Rajput’s success. After graduating high school, Rajput applied to the Air Force with the goal of becoming a fighter jet pilot but was denied due to less than perfect eyesight. At the University of Denver, he landed his first aviation job with Continental Airlines and pursued studies in finance and marketing. As a stockbroker, Rajput found great success in finance, investment banking and real estate, and eventually fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a pilot. After getting his license he further delved into his passion by buying three planes and traveling the world. The 2006 market crash and subsequent recession were major setbacks. After reassessing and reconfiguring his priorities, in 2010 Rajput came up with the business plans for ONEflight, launching the first ever member club in the skies called JetClub, a different private aviation brokerage model than anything in existence at the time. Working as a charter broker, Rajput formed relationships and built a network that today has access to more than 12,000 aircraft throughout the world. Rajput has transformed the private air travel industry in the United States and has become the industry leader with his cutting-edge and proprietary BAJit booking platform, making booking private jet travel accessible, more cost effective, and at the touch of one’s fingertips.  When not piloting his own Blackbird, a Gulfstream G-III jet, he enjoys playing golf and exploring the world with his family.  Rajput speaks multiple languages, has traveled and lived in many places, including Hong Kong and Africa; he, his wife and their three children now call Denver home.