Burnout is a serious problem in today’s fast paced society. In fact, people tend to find themselves doing even more since the recent pandemic. If you are working remotely, then you may find that it is hard to separate your work from your home life. Those who are still working outside of the home may also find that they are facing increased responsibilities. While being a workaholic has its good points, you have to take a break now and then to avoid falling prey to symptoms of burnout such as apathy.

Designate Specific Break Times

Whether you are a parent, a family caregiver or a busy professional, it is important to follow a daily schedule. This schedule should include regular breaks that include at least one longer one for lunch combined with short periods of time when you can rejuvenate your mind and body. You should also have a defined stopping point for the day when you begin to focus on yourself. If necessary, set alarms for these break. Hearing the alarm go off is a signal that you need to stop what you are doing for a few minutes.

Unwind with A Glass of Wine

Joining a vintage wine club gives you the perfect motivation to indulge in some time for yourself. Wine has proven health benefits when it is enjoyed in moderation, and a glass or two can help you relax at the end of a stressful day. Consider enjoying a glass of wine with your partner or a friend, or you can enjoy a drink as you cook dinner. With the right wine, you’ll feel yourself feeling a similar level of relaxation as what you might enjoy on a vacation.

Find Go-To Mini Breaks

Some days, you may not have enough time for long breaks. When you feel stressed, having a few go-to five minute relaxation techniques can serve as a stand-in break. Consider spending five minutes engaged in deep breathing exercises, or you could strike a yoga pose. Rubbing some scented lotion on your hands is another idea that works as a form of aromatherapy.

Block Out Unnecessary Distractions

You’ll also find that the universe sometimes seems to interfere with your ability to relax. Try to head off stressors before your break times. For instance, you might need to tell your kids that you are taking a half hour to yourself, or you may need to temporarily turn off your phone.

The symptoms of burnout are often a sign that you are not taking enough time for yourself. Although it might seem impossible, there are pockets of time in each day when you can take a time out. From enjoying an evening glass of wine to meditating, those little breaks give you the momentum to keep on going.