Stress can come from all directions especially in 2020 but one thing that can be managed is financial stress while home improvement. So here are some tips on how to avoid financial stress during home improvement

These top three tips on avoiding financial stress during a home improvement project:

Expect the Unexpected

The absolute most important one, expect the unexpected. The one constant between every renovation project is that inevitably something’s going to go wrong. That might sound pessimistic but it’s a hundred percent true. Something will break, some unknown problem like Appliance repair will be uncovered, an extra expense will be thrown in the mix but the point is expected that that is going to happen.

Budget for it as best you can in advance and these unexpected events won’t be nearly as stressful.

Communicate With Your Partner

The second important factor is to communicate and communicate often. 40 of divorces happen over finances so whether you’re the breadwinner, you have shared finances or you’re just in charge of spending all the money in a relationship, it’s important to have frequent check-ins with your partner about finance. Especially during a renovation, finances don’t have to be an uncomfortable conversation. The project will be much less stressful if you and your partner remain on the same page throughout.

Take a Break

Take a break not just physically but financially as well .pause the project and take a break from spending. It’s easy during a renovation to feel like you’re just hemorrhaging money because oftentimes you are but there’s no reason you can’t take a break from the spending.

Just breathe a little, take a step back sometimes realize that there’s not as big of a rush to complete what you’re doing as you probably think. Especially if you’re doing it yourself and if you’re renovating yours forever home. So pause the renovation for a bit maybe you’ll have to walk on plywood for a month or two or six or maybe you’ll have to shower at the gym or cook on a camping stove for a while. You might think you can never live like that; yes you can as long as you have a roof over your head you can figure it out.

When it is finally complete you’ll appreciate that much more. One way to achieve this is to do a “spending fast”. You have to do this as much as possible and it helps tremendously not just on your budget and being able to catch up but mainly for your own mental health regarding finances.

You get a little crazy when you just keep spinning every day. Take a week and do everything you can to spend absolutely zero money. Obviously, essentials like bills and mortgages and stuff don’t count but cut any unnecessary spending. Hide your credit cards stick your debit card in a safe eat whatever extra foods you have in your pantry or fridge whatever it takes and it doesn’t have to be terrible.

We hope you will consider these pro tips to avoid any stress in home improvement. If you have any other suggestions, do let us know in the comment section.