breaking up

‘And they lived happily ever after.’
This is the status that every couple would like to experience once they start a relationship. Both of them are optimistic that it will work, especially if they have failed in their past relationships.
But, not all relationships are beds of roses. Some will face challenges one too many times, and no matter how much you try to cope, the situation becomes unbearable by the day. So, if you are fed up with your relationship, as unfortunate as it is, there is a better way to tell your partner that it is time to part ways. You can reduce the heartbreak between the two of you by maturely doing this.
Here are the tips you should know. Read on…

Make a Complete Decision

If an idea of breaking up with your partner has come up, it is time to rethink about it before you make the decision. It does not make sense to break the news then come back to seek reconciliation. Better still you can analyze all the things that you like about the relationship against those that are making you want to quit to be sure. Once you are sure that you want to part ways with your partner, then the decision can be considered complete.

Start Falling out of Love in Your Mind

Now, you need to have the reverse of what happened when you met your partner. What does this mean? Both of you fell in love, and a relationship began. Now it is time to fall out of love in your mind. Nevertheless, this might have started to happen the moment you began to have problems. But if the decision to break up is any other than common challenges, this process is very crucial if you want to reduce the pain of heartbreak.


Choose the Time and Location to Break the News

It is now time for the hard part! If you already have butterflies in the stomach, this is very normal and acceptable. It is not easy for anyone to break such news to someone they have been in love with before. However, they have to get the news in the most mature way possible.
Of importance is to choose the time and location well. And there are a couple of benefits for this move. First, you are trying to avoid embarrassing your partner by breaking the news in public. Second, you need to be in a secure place just in case your partner turns violent upon receiving the news. The most recommended is a quiet public venue.

Remain Polite But Firm

As we all know, breaking up is not a small issue. Of course, the person being left behind will try to make things work. They can be resolute and persistent in an annoying way, but you have to remain polite and firm with your ‘No.’ Sooner or later, your partner will accept the decision that you have made. The good news is that the two of you can remain friends, especially if you still meet frequently at work, school or other social places.


Move On

The process of breaking up is painful for both parties. However, this does not mean that life should not move on. It is time to accept that it is over and move on. Although it is good to allocate some time to heal, do not get stuck on this forever. Move on with what makes you happy whether it is your career, education or another better relationship.
All the best!