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When we think about marketing ourselves or our businesses, many tend to build a strategy based on their own behavior or patterns.

For example, you may never search for certain terms on Google and therefore, believe others won’t either. This might cause you to not target specific keywords for your brand or business online.

However, little did you know, people looking for your products search for the very keywords you don’t want to use. While this is just a simple example, some of the best executives build their campaigns off of biased information. This inevitably causes their brands to miss out on opportunities to engage new audiences and grow their clientele. 

To avoid making big marketing decisions based on biased behavior, make sure to truly understand your target market. Doing so will help you identify overlooked signals and patterns that can generate more visibility to your brand. 

One easy to use tool is Google Trends; a free search tool that can be used to discover search terms and seasonal trends. Use this tool to identify relevant search trends that may spark new content and keyword ideas.