Even before our country was facing the COVID-19 health crisis, we were dealing with a different kind of epidemic — burnout syndrome. Burnout is recognized by the World Health Organization as a “workplace phenomenon” that results in mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion. 

Burnout is brought on by chronic, unmanaged stress. In a global health crisis like the current pandemic, it seems as if stress is a way of life for the majority of Americans, especially entrepreneurs. How can we avoid burning ourselves out in this so-called “new normal?” Here are some tips. 

Monitor Your Stress Levels

The first step to avoiding burnout as an entrepreneur is to monitor your stress levels. You must practice self-awareness and know when it’s time to take a break. If you allow yourself to deal with stressful situations day in and day out with no relief, you will soon be dealing with burnout. Burnout is particularly detrimental to entrepreneurs because your business relies on you. To monitor your stress, try keeping a journal or doing a daily “self check-in.” You can also recruit a friend to check in on you regularly. 

Make Yourself a Priority

The next step to avoiding burnout as an entrepreneur is to make yourself a priority. It won’t be helpful to monitor your stress levels if you don’t address them when they become an issue. If you find yourself overly stressed, give yourself some time off to deal with it. Also, make sure that you’re exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep as part of your normal routine. 

Limit Your Decision-Making

Lastly, try to limit the number of decisions you need to make in a day. As a business owner, this can be easier said than done, but it’s critical to reduce your chances of burning out. When you are faced with too many decisions each day, you will experience “decision fatigue.” Not only will this cause you to make poorer decisions, but it will also add to your stress levels. To decrease the number of decisions you make every day, try following a routine whenever possible.

These simple tips will help you prevent burnout before it hits — and allow you to thrive in this “new normal.”