Dynamic entrepreneur Errol Chin is a top social media strategist, professional intraday trader, risk-taker, and minimalist who has helped dozens of brands achieve success with their goals. In this article, we discuss how Errol has overcome the stress and obstacles that come with being an entrepreneur.

Avoiding Stress

Stress is necessary on the way to achieving greatness especially when high stakes and revolutionary changes are at stake. When Errol experiences a stressful situation, he sets out time for breaks. Over the years, Errol has learned to know the signs and symptoms of burnout, this has helped him think up plans to help overcome this.

First off, he has learned to work smarter rather than harder, this can be done in many ways. Some of the tools Errol utilizes are to-do lists and routines. When he gets up in the morning, showers, make breakfast, checks his mail, and makes sure to tick them off from his daily routine, this helps him feel accomplished and energized for the day.

According to Errol, you should make sure each item on your to-do list is achievable that day. Be reasonable with yourself so that you will be able to check off all items at the end of each day.

The next thing Errol advises you to do is to keep a schedule. Allocate specific time blocks to specific tasks so that you are breaking up all you need to do each day.

“If we find ourselves jumping from project to project, or trying to multitask, it can rob us of our focus and ability to complete all that we need to that day.” – Errol.

Errol’s final tip on overcoming stress is to delegate. Outsource or create a team to help you finish up your work faster. If there are tasks that you think someone else would handle better than you, then delegate.

Overcoming Obstacles And Achieving Success

In light of this topic, Errol shares that obstacles happen all the time, it uncontrollable. But the only thing we can control is how we react to those obstacles. 

“Sometimes, we get so involved in passing the obstacle, that we forget what we’re actually aiming for. Life is not a sprint but a marathon, there will always be obstacles.”

Errol’s advice to anyone striving to achieve success is to not be afraid to fail, it is inevitable. There are no failures only results. If you don’t get the results you want, change your tactics, and your strategy. Make adjustments till you arrive at the results you want.