Ryan Loxham is a student in England who figured out how to make money from the comfort of his home. In this article, Ryan shares how he overcomes the stress and obstacles that come with being an entrepreneur.

Avoiding Stress:

One of the biggest challenges that modern entrepreneurs face is stress. In short bursts, stress can be positive, especially when you’re trying to meet a deadline, but when it lasts for a long time, it can have adverse effects on your health. 

One of the ways in which Ryan overcomes stress is by taking a break from all social media and work and just living an ordinary teenager’s life. This involves playing games and spending time with family. 

By doing this, Ryan can rest and get away from all the hard work.

Starting Out: 

Ryan Loxham is a student in England who doesn’t like the idea of the ordinary teen job (usually some sort of fast food job), and he found a way to make money through the comfort of his home with much less time needed to be put in. 

His first method of making money was when he found a site where he could sell IG accounts; he had seen many accounts for sale much cheaper than what was listed on the site, so he tried buying them cheap and selling them for higher prices on the site. He had thought about growing the accounts from 0 followers however doing so would have taken much more time than it did to resell the accounts which let him make a couple of hundred pounds in a few hours.

This year I hope to get into e-commerce and possibly drop-shipping, which will hopefully increase my profits and set me up for the future.

Challenges faced on the Journey:

There are various challenges associated with being an entrepreneur. 

For Ryan, when he was younger, he made use of PayPal which of course he wasn’t meant to have until he was 18 so he ended up getting a few of his accounts locked which left him losing money, thankfully with the rise in popularity of Bitcoin and him being able to get a bank account he is now able to get his money safely. He also had some people who seemed to be friends try to scam him.

Advice for other entrepreneurs:

Here’s what Ryan Loxham had to say:

“Create a foundation that allows you to be lucky. I’ve always believed that luck does exist; however, can only be achieved if you create a foundation upon which luck can happen. On the outside, if you see someone make a million dollars in one deal may seem like luck to the ordinary person however if you asked the person how they made that million they would tell you all the effort they had to put in for them to be able to close the deal. 

An example I like to use is Tiktok; you will see people become famous gaining hundreds of thousands of followers due to 1 video however if you look at what they made before that viral video you will see many more videos and attempts, sometimes 3-4 a day which went nowhere. Everything you do for your success will help build that foundation even if it seems worthless at the time.”