“Walk your talk,” has been a mantra passed on in my family for generations and I am sure we are not exclusive in this tradition. My belated father, Command Sargent Major Charles A. Jones, had various techniques of inspiring his troops to walk…

…”son, when I want to get my troops to walk my talk, I put my foot up their asses”…when I first heard this at age nine, I gave an immediate retort, “Dad, I think bump & run is more effective.” To this my father quipped, “what the hell is bump & run in the battlefield?”

…when the troops have their heads hung down, I think it best to briskly walk by them, brushing their shoulders — a wake up call…when they look up and see you bustling ahead, they will try to catch up…this is my definition of Bump & Run!

All in all I think it best to plant seeds, which demonstrate the end product and consciousness required to most efficiently arrive, under the veil of example vs force…thus their actions are based on their ideas vs. mine.

I will walk my talk and hope to be an inspiring springboard for you to refine your talk so you can claim and walk yours.

Originally published at medium.com