Any fool can complicate things, it requires a genius to simplify it. — Albert Einstein

About a year ago I visualized working with Arianna Huffington yet there was a missing link that I could not pinpoint. Now with her wellness focus through Thrive Global and desire to serve the global market, I feel the time is right. My personal mission is in alignment with Arianna’s vision where I see the “bridging of the gap” between the ancient wisdom and the western knowledge is possible. Please allow me the opportunity to introduce myself to you and share my story.

My name is Gagan Sarkaria. I am a healer, a #HighAchievementCoach and a #SoulfulMentor that transforms life through heart-led talents. I am the Founder & CEO of Unfold Your Success, LLC, a small yet elite consulting company serving young adults, focused professionals, & growing businesses where I teach principles like Clarity in Head, Purity in Heart, Sincerity in Hands and Dependability in Health are the four elements that will #UnfoldYourSuccess.

I am passionate about transforming life from pain to prosperity, whether it is a pain in people’s profession, business, relationships or even health. I was born and brought up in India and have lived in the US for 17 years. I come from Higher Education background and have been in the training and development industry for ten years. With over 20 years of diverse experience, and through the knowledge and wisdom of metaphysical sciences, I have been able to create some miraculous transformations. My personal health and wellness of my family members, clients, and colleagues have become my testimonies especially during extremes phases of stress caused by life altering moments like sickness, surgery, loss of income or loss of family members.

My shock came in 2008 after finding out that my 5-year-old daughter was “almost blind,” as the Opthamologist said, in her right eye due to acute astigmatism and as a parent, I had no clue. Her vision then was 65/45 instead of 20/20. Later in 2011 losing my 62-year-old father to depression, lack of happiness, ill health, and diabetes it became apparent to me that I need to embrace my giftedness and decipher my soulcode to a purposeful journey!

When I was pregnant with my third child, I created a paradigm shift that was not welcomed in the corporate world, and when the economy crashed, I was let go from my Director of Faculty Development position in November of 2011. I had the wellness focus and the desire to create a healthier balance in the workplace but workplace wellness was not an embraced concept back then, and I lived it for years. I fell in love with my work of helping others find their inner guide that would unleash their inner champion!

Today, my journey has taken me on a path where as a healer and spiritual coach, I remove energy blockages, traumas in people’s lives, and provide a step-by-step personalized approach on ‘HOW to Bridge the Gap’ between the unknown and known so they can “Unfold Their Success” and achieve prosperity. My success stories include client transformations that defy the boundaries of Western medicine, mainstream coaching and consulting, like helping a single mom, Mariana, who has had Epilepsy for 29 years. Mariana suffered from daily long 2–5 seizures. After my coaching and healing work, she has achieved being seizure-free for 7 to 14 days with only one short seizure. Even her neurologist lowered her dosage of medication. Since energy healing work started, Mariana has slept better throughout the night, meditates, and has a glow around her. She is now learning the power of chanting mantras to open up her meridians and energy centers. Her colleagues at work have noticed her positive changes, and she feels she can transform her health for better. Now meet Lilly, who has been a Scleroderma and Lupus patient for six years. Lilly has slept for only 4 hours each night due to her condition and medication. After a short healing session, she went and slept for 10 hours, two nights in a row. She had not felt blood running through her fingers and toes in almost six years. My methodology and approach are deep rooted in ancient wisdom, reverse-engineered for faster results.

I believe four core elements can unfold any professional, entrepreneur, business or organization’s success. These four elements are communication, negotiation, presentation, and education but it starts with self-awareness, acceptance, and audacity to #InspireToBeTheChange. As an integrative health practitioner and high achievement coach, I consistently aspire to bridge the gap between all four elements for my clients. My integrative health practice takes an INTRApersonal approach to transforming pain (of any kind) to prosperity and success to remove imbalances in one’s life and their environment.

“Success is 30% ability, and 70% Yun-Chi.”— Chinese Proverb

I love this ancient proverb. Yun-Chi is often confused or misinterpreted as ‘luck,’ but it does not mean luck. Yun-Chi is a combination of two words. Yun means surrounding or encircling and Chi means your vital energy, the ‘Prana,’ the ‘Aura’ or the electromagnetic radiance inside and around you. Through my teaching, coaching and healing work I can bridge the gap between the unknown and known so you can Unfold Your Success and achieve prosperity! Almost everyone focuses on the 30%, which is the ability piece comprising of an individual’s talents and skills, and fail to concentrate on the 70%. Very often we forget the power of our environments — internal and external environments. We ignore our surroundings until it is too late and the drastic effects surface as burnouts, diseases or fatal losses. Have you wondered, why we face constant failures and losses in a particular area in our lives — whether that is work, relationships, a business venture or a given profession? What is the Universe, your Higher Intelligence trying to teach you? How often do you pause and listen to your #InnerGuide?

We all have heard the saying, “A journey of thousand miles starts with one step.” However, no one ever taught us that there are three ‘pre-steps’ that one must choose to cover before that critical ONE step can be taken towards our personal, purposeful, passionate 1000-mile journey. I call these three pre-steps as “3 A’s,”: Awareness, Acceptance, and Audacity.

We must be AWARE of our internal and external environments and how it affects us at a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical states of well-being. Who, why, where, how and what are we choosing to surround ourselves with? We must ACCEPT the issues we have, and finally gather the AUDACITY to take that initial step.

Growing up in a joint family in India, and being exposed to the wisdom of my grandparents, I often heard, “No health, no wealth.” I also know that lack of love, past-life or childhood traumas in one’s life are a few of the root causes of diseases I see in many of my clients, and family members. The repetitive behaviors that cause stress for families and workplaces, and give rise to unfulfilling lives in our culture today break my heart. “The American Dream” that I saw and wanted to achieve desperately was half empty. I saw it early on what was truly at stake. Therefore, I chose to get out of the so-called American rat-race. Our satisfactions, desires and burning obsessions are necessary to keep us moving forward but not at the cost of our well-being and the downhill of entire humankind. We also have the responsibility towards our future generations. To teach them that there is no such thing as work and life balance, that is a myth. The fact is that wellness and productivity are like sisters that indeed rise, exceed and inspire each other. Teach our kids the importance of unplugging and recharging to be sensitive and aware of their surroundings!

I want to congratulate Arianna Huffington and the entire team of Thrive Global for a successful launch today, for the vision and mission they are embracing, and for giving me an opportunity to be a part of their global contributing team. Stay tuned for more wisdom on integrative health practice and wellness, the power of energy healing and coaching, and high achievement and human performance that I plan and intend on sharing with you all through The Thrive Journal Platform. My focus is to assist you in awakening your inner guide for a calmer, joyful, purposeful YOU!

Thank you for digging deep and joining me on a global transformational journey ahead. I want to hear from you! Are you in pain? Pain in relationships, profession, business or even health? Did this article hit a chord inside you? What is your story, struggle, solution or success? How can I help you? I would love to hear from you, so feel free to “write a response” below and share your fears, or feedback or just highlight what resonated deeply with you in my post.

From my soul to yours, 
Inspire to be the Change!

Some personal insights about me:
I hold a Masters of Fine Arts, M.F.A., in Communication Design, an M.B.A in Leadership, and a B.F.A. in Graphic Design. I am a certified Reiki Master and Galactic Healer, a John Maxwell Certified Coach and a Licensed BANKCODE Master Sales Trainer. I am currently pursuing my Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences (Msc.D), focusing in Chinese Astrology, Feng Shui, and Integrative Health Practice. I live in Lewisville, TX with my mom, husband and three children, where I offer healing, coaching, consulting and branding services to individuals, families, and businesses.

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