Not only is the success of Wonder Woman© paving a new road for women in front and behind the camera in Hollywood, it is also a triumphant statement about love conquering all. Diana, daughter of Amazon Queen Hippolyta, raised on the island of Themyscira, finds out Zeus is her father and realizes there is immense power and potential within her. She chooses hope and love over fear and gives humanity the benefit of the doubt that they indeed have the potential to become a peaceful race.

Looking at the current state of human affairs on our planet one might think we all have been corrupted by the god of war. Humans have the capacity to love deeply and show empathy toward their brothers and sisters yet we find ourselves in a tremendous state of global unrest.

The movie Wonder Woman could not have come out at a better time. According to spiritual scriptures and teachers we are in the midst of an event called Ascension or Awakening. It’s a natural cycle in the universe that enables all of us human beings to potentially reach a higher state of consciousness. And mother earth literally assists us on this path of evolution so we can become a more consciously connected species. What we have been witnessing globally are great disturbances and tragedies, our personal boundaries have been pushed, personal freedom and rights have been stripped, and there has been a rise in fear and anxiety based thought and action. The majority of the population is asleep and they experience their respective reality from a fear based perspective. They reside in a dog-eat-dog world, they don’t believe in spiritualty of any kind and definitely no awakening of any sorts and they like playing the victim/perpetrator role. Because of the new frequencies coming in they may now experience panic attacks, self-doubt, feel alone, lost, and get triggered by events bringing up fears and traumas from the past. The higher frequencies may also cause physical issues like headaches and illnesses.

Things tend to get worse before they get better. Darkness has to be brought to the light in order to be transformed.

Ascension waves originating from the sun have been hitting us since 2012 and are finishing up in 2017. When they started to wash over us, they made us look deep inside ourselves and purge what no longer serves our highest good. And so began a deep emotional and physical cleansing process.

Obviously not everyone is on the same spiritual path and the entire human race will not be “waking up” up at the same exact moment. The confusion and chaos would be tremendous.

People who already have been on an enlightened spiritual path were hit hardest with the first waves and are now ready to assist others who are awakening from their spiritual amnesia. Their ego mind has already been transformed, they have fully connected with their higher self and they are no longer bound by reality as most the majority perceives it. Low frequencies like fear and anxiety no longer affect them. Their mind and heart are aligned and they are activating even more chakras now. Talk about being authentic and in a complete state of self love! Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Free will gives you a choice to speed up or delay the Awakening process – meaning if you make choices based out of fear instead of love you will have a harder time and raise your consciousness slower. Whatever stage in the process you are in, whatever speed you are awakening to, please realize no one is better or worse than you. We have to remember that we are all spiritually connected and that each of us individually can help the collective consciousness. Every one of us can reinforce inner love and strength and by doing so have a positive influence on all humanity. 

When you open your heart to God, to the Universe, when you consciously work on letting go of fear – you become a lighthouse. This light that you shine illuminates not only your path but connects you with other lighthouses around the globe. And so the collective awakening begins.

It is now or never to be like Wonder Woman and choose love. No, we are not of the Amazon tribe and our father is not Zeus, but we were created by God in his likeness. If we were created in the image of God then we too have amazing abilities dormant inside of us. We can choose to become a co-creator with God, free our souls from the bondage of fear and manifest for the betterment of all mankind.

Why not suspend disbelief and doubt and join the “Awakening Revolution Of Love”?Turn on the TV and tell me our old way of thinking and acting has not brought us the brink of extinction. What have you got to loose?

Air out your deepest, darkest fears and let the waves of enlightenment wash them away. Let old, rigid believe systems be washed away. Let your attachment to material things be washed away. Look deep inside what changes YOU need to make to transform your life. Tap into your inner strength and learn to love yourself.

Let us turn from hate to love, from war to peace and just like Diana Prince, take a risk and go on a journey that is worth taking.